Central Security Group is one of the companies that people consider when they’re looking for a home security system or monitored alarm system. But is this company one that most homeowners should consider — or does it have problems that won’t really work for the majority of consumers? That depends on what consumers are looking for, and whether they need a system that’s going to give them the basics for a good price or something much more than that. In order to determine whether Central Security Group would be a good choice for a homeowner’s security needs, reading reviews can help make the case.

Do People Like Central Security Group?


Like so many of the security companies today, Central Security Group faces mixed reviews online. Some people love them, some people hate them. But they have been in business long enough to understand that pleasing everyone is not actually possible. Still, the company strives to keep customers happy and treat them right, just like other companies do. Most people who have their security systems through this company are not totally satisfied, though. They say there are problems with the quality of the service and with the contract. It’s hard to cancel, and it’s a long-term contract that they aren’t completely comfortable with. That’s worth considering before signing on with this company for monitored security services.

What Does Central Security Group Offer?

Central Security Group offers a monitored security experience that’s very similar to what other companies provide. This includes options like:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • fast response times
  • customer service
  • quality equipment
  • a fair price

But the argument in many of the online reviews is that this company doesn’t really deliver on what they say they will provide. Instead, they can be unreliable and their contract isn’t a good one for the consumer. It favors the company too much.

There are concerns about their customer service and the way they treat homeowners, along with questions about the quality of their equipment and the reliability of their service.

That’s a lot to worry about when it comes to making sure customers are happy. It seems as though the company needs to work on what they offer so they can be more in tune with what homeowners really need and are looking for.


Should Homeowners Choose a Different Company?

Homeowners who are thinking about choosing Central Security Group may want to reconsider. There are other companies they can pick from, and it’s possible that one of these other companies would be a better choice for them. If they do choose to work with this company, they’ll want to stay on top of any issues that might arise. That can help them head off problems before they become severe, so they can have a better monitoring experience and a higher level of security. Overall, while some people are very satisfied with this company, it may not be the best choice.

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