Each year, more than 9 million property crimes are reported on average throughout the United States. Protecting your home begins with the right home security solution.

In 2016, 7.9 million property crimes were reported in the US, leading to a loss of more than $15.6 billion. Finding a home security company you can entrust and rely on is not always a simple task, especially if you are unsure of your options or whether or not you are capable of taking on a long-term commitment with a standard industry contract. Centurylink is a large home security provider available throughout the US,  using “Smart Home” technology to implement home automation features and functionality with each of the security systems they install. If you are considering Centurylink as your home security provider, it is highly advisable to weigh both the pros and cons of the company before making a decision regarding the security and protection of your home for years to come.



One of the benefits of choosing Centurylink as your home security provider is the ability to condense all of the services you desire into one company. Centurylink offers landline, internet, cable, security, and automation services. Condensing all of your services into one bill is a way to save money while streamlining the entertainment, data, and communication tools you need. Centurylink makes it simple for individuals who are interested in condensing and simplifying all of their household services as much as possible.

Multiple Packages Available

Centurylink offers multiple home security packages to fit any budget. Pricing for each package ranges from $34.99 to $54.99. The “Platinum” package available from Centurylink which runs $54.99 allows customers to enjoy additional equipment as well as home automation features to control everything from lighting to thermostats in the home. The top packages available from Centurylink include:

  • Silver: Standard home security system with key FOB included.
  • Gold: Similar to the “Silver” plan but with additional indoor security camera equipment.
  • Platinum: Additional cameras (both indoor or outdoor) included along with electronic door locks.

Additional Services Required

A major downfall of using Centurylink is the requirement of obtaining additional services before you are able to utilize the home security services they have to offer. In order to qualify as an eligible customer for home security services provided by Centurylink, you are required to have additional services already available from the company. Individuals who are interested in any home security package offered from Centurylink are required to obtain either a landline or internet service package in order to begin receiving security monitoring services.


One of the pros of Centurylink is the ability to review pricing for specific home security equipment you are interested in for your home’s security package or plan. Seeing prices of equipment before making a decision is a way to truly maximize any budget you have available to invest in your new security system. It is important to verify that you are capable of upgrading your package or adding new equipment to the service you are already interested in with Centurylink before moving forward with finalizing your decision.

Standard Contractual Agreement

Like many other home security providers on the market, Centurylink requires all new customers to sign a standard 36-month contract (three years). While a three-year contract is relatively standard for home security companies, there are also alternative home security companies such as Protect America that do not require customers to commit to utilizing the service or sign a long-term contract in order to receive monitoring and protection. When you are comparing home security companies, be sure to read and review contracts along with any terms and conditions required of you before choosing a package and investing your time and money.

Pricing Changes

Even if you are offered an irresistible deal from Centurylink when signing on as a new customer, it is important to note that the standard terms and conditions from the company inform all customers that Centurylink may change or update pricing at any time. When you accept a lower rate for a longer contract or commitment, it is essential to inquire about the length of the promotion and whether or not you should expect changes to your bill at any time in the future.

Do you want to get started with your home security system as soon as possible? Are you searching for a trustworthy, reliable, and affordable security company that does not require installation fees and has a locked-in rate? Contact Protect America to learn more about the security equipment and plans we have to offer while getting your free quote today.