When evaluating security solutions for a home or business in South Carolina’s Low Country, consumers nearly always hear about Charleston Security Systems. As a local leader in home and business security, Charleston Security offers some of the most robust products and services available. Today’s outstanding security solutions have three trending characteristics:

  • Home Automation Capabilities
  • Mobile-Enabled Wireless Security
  • 24/7 Alarm Monitoring

Here’s how Charleston Security Systems stacks up to national leaders such as Protect America in these important categories.


Home Automation Capabilities Make Vigilance Simple

Home automation integration is one of the most significant advancements in residential security. Busy individuals and families plan out security actions that they want to implement regularly such as turning on lights at a certain time to give the appearance that a home is occupied or locking doors after children arrive home from school. With security systems that incorporate home automation functions, they can program these security actions and forget about it. Charleston Security Systems offers its customers these features and more. Using geofencing technology, the company gives its customers automated reminders to arm their security systems if a designated person’s iPhone goes beyond a certain preprogrammed range without the security system being activated.

Mobile-Enabled Wireless Security Puts Control Within Easy Reach

According to leadership at Charleston Security Systems, the company became the local leader by going above and beyond in its offerings and services. One local business owner, Mr. Hauss, captured this company’s chief characteristic best with his testimonial of Charleston Security Systems.

“Excellent service, timely install and a great crew!  We love the new security cameras for our business and being able to view them from our IPhones when we are out of the office…”

Charleston Security knows the local market and crime patterns for the region. Its security technicians advise clients on the optimal layout for cameras and motion detectors in their homes or businesses. Its wireless security products allow for maximum flexibility and coverage. With Charleston Security Systems’ products and access control software, facility managers can grant access to employees for different areas and modify access permissions when circumstances change. This comprehensive level of security control can be exercised anytime, anywhere.

24/7 Alarm Monitoring Delivers More Comprehensive Safety and Security

Charleston Security Systems is different from the numerous security companies that have cropped up across the nation in recent years. Most of these companies rely on a business model that simply integrates a series of inexpensive, off-the-shelf cameras,  motion detectors, and alarms. These security systems offer property owners views into their homes and businesses, but they do nothing to alert law enforcement about crimes in progress. What good does it do to watch your home being vandalized while you’re out of town and can do nothing about what you see on video? Charleston Security Systems understands the importance of a monitored security service, and it educates prospective customers about the benefits of using a local, monitored security service for their homes and businesses.


How Charleston Security Systems Compares With Protect America

Charleston Security Systems offers many of the benefits of Protect America products and services at first glance. Charleston’s clients get motion sensors, glass break detectors, cameras, remote control and mobile access, and 24-hour professional monitoring. The company even mimics Protect America’s low pricing model. Charleston’s basic security system is $99 installed, and its alarm monitoring service starts at $49.99 per month. While it’s prices are reasonable compared to most of its competitors, Charleston Security Systems has a rival that it can’t beat based on price alone.

Protect America offers up to $1,400 in free equipment and $30 per month alarm monitoring by highly rated professionals. Installation is free at Protect America, and the company provides a price-match guarantee to reassure budget-conscious consumers that they’re getting the best deal available. The 36-month contract that Protect America requires for its security system serves to lock in the industry’s lowest rates. Unlike Charleston Security System, Protect America is a national security firm that allows customers to transfer their security systems if they move out of state. If you’re ready for the ultimate in peace of mind and comfort, call Protect America to learn more about its security products and services. Or if you’d rather chat online visit Protect America’s website to talk to a security expert!