Home burglaries happen at an alarming rate. This results in the loss personal belongings but can also lead to violence and harm to those living in the home being burglarized. To keep their home and property safe, many people are choosing to protect their home with monitored home security systems. This enables homeowners to protect their possessions and themselves as well as peace-of-mind.


At the forefront of monitored security systems is Protect America and their partner Charter Home Security.

Home Burglary Statistics:

Forbes Magazine shared some alarming statistics from the  U.S. Department of Justice.

“More than 2 million homes are burglarized every year, with financial losses totaling more than $14.3 billion. A burglary takes place every 15 seconds and most people lose at least $2,000 in stolen items or damage.”

According to the FBI’s 2017 crime statistics report that was released in January 2018, there is a slight decline in both violent crime and property crime.

Some of the decreases may be due to more people choosing home security systems to thwart burglars and protect their homes.

Top Bounty for Burglars:

Just about every home holds a bounty of items that burglaries would love to steal and sell.  According to Quora.com, the most desirable items for burglars include:

  • Cash – Always a favorite
  • Drugs – Illegal and legal, like painkillers
  • Firearms – Especially handguns
  • Jewelry
  • Cell phones – Especially iPhones
  • Small electronics
  • Video games discs
  • Personal information – Passports, birth certificates, Social Security cards
  • Alcohol

Monitored Home Security Systems:

There are many home security systems on the market made for an individuals’ need whether they’re a homeowner, renter or have commercial property.

Unmonitored systems cost less but monitored security systems provide the value of having the system monitored by a security professional that can be alerted to fire, burglaries and other home emergencies. One of the biggest benefits is to those that often travel or leave their home unattended. A monitored system will constantly be watched when you’re away, making it one less thing to worry about while traveling.

Charter makes having a monitored home security system easy, they can set your home up with an Internet and cell phone service that will alert you should someone gain unwanted access to your home.

Better Home Security: Equipment & Cost:

There’s no doubt that Charter provides good home security, but not everyone wants to bundle up with all of their other services like cable. For home security alone they lack a few essential options that put them a little lower on the security food chain. They don’t offer a risk free period plus they will charge you extra if you move to a different home and want to keep your equipment. On top of that they will charge you a pretty steep premium right out the gate to get all of your equipment.

One of the hardest things in securing your home is having enough equipment to secure your entire home, and some burglars know about this problem. If you try to get a cookie cutter security solution or you try and install a few pieces of security at a time, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable. That’s why Protect America will give you up to $1400 in free equipment when you sign up. And on top of that, they will customize your security completely based on your needs.


Let Protect America Home Security Protect Your Home:

Those concerned with keeping their home or commercial property safe from burglars, contact the experts at Protect America. For 26 years they have been giving people peace-of-mind knowing their home is being protected.

If you are interested in monitored home security, contact ProtectAmerica today. Learn more about our security equipment and to begin creating the home security solution you and your family need today. Build a home security system that fits your needs.