A couple of years ago, Charter acquired Time Warner Cable. At that time, it also acquired TWC’s home security solution. Charter has continued to offer support for its home security product, but is not focusing on the sales of this product.

What is Charter Home Security?

Charter Home Security is also often called Spectrum Home Security or Bright House Security. All of these names actually fall under Charter’s banner. Unfortunately, home security has never been a major focus of Charter, and consequently the services have been largely ignored. Charter is still allowing new customers to sign up for Spectrum’s solutions and Time Warner’s Intelligent Home Service indefinitely.

Summer of 2016, Charter Communications merged with Time Warner Cable (TWC) and Bright House Networks forming a new company, Spectrum. What’s unfortunate about this merger is that home security and smart home services were a business line belonging to TWC, not one chased after by Charter. While Spectrum is no longer actively promoting home security services, they are still supporting existing customers and still allow them for access their intelligent home login. For now, we caution you against heavily investing in new equipment. The future is unstable for Time Warner’s former Intelligent Home service.

If you already have Charter Home Security, you can continue with the program unimpeded. If you’re looking for a security solution right now, you may want to look for something a little more long-term.


The Positives of Charter Home Security

Charter Home Security consolidates all of the billing for phone, telephone, cable, and home security services in a single solution. Bundling these solutions can reduce costs and be more efficient overall, which was a major selling point of Time Warner’s intelligent home solution. The intelligent home solution by Time Warner included a number of smart home features in addition to security technology, making it a solid all-around investment for those who wanted to improve the function of their home.

Time Warner’s solution offers some advanced technology, and at a fairly reasonable cost. Equipment included an infrared motion sensor that was designed to reduce false alarms, which is extremely valuable given that motion sensors are often the most likely to set off false alarms.

The Drawbacks of Charter Home Security

Charter has not been prioritizing the security branch of its organization because it had little interest in this technology and this service. Though the services are still being offered and existing accounts are still being maintained, Charter isn’t interested in improving or developing out this department. Consequently, it may be only a matter of time until Charter’s technology is far eclipsed by the competition.

Due to the lack of investment in infrastructure, Charter may not be able to provide as advanced customer service or equipment and technology as it should. Moreover, it is not required to be competitive with other security companies because it has little interest in the market. Further, because it is bundled with other features, Charter Home Security requires that customers also have Charter’s Spectrum internet service.


This system works best if a customer already has all of their services through Charter or through a company that has been absorbed into Charter. For those who have a number of different services, there may be very little reason to switch to Charter, as it may not save them any money through bundling.

There are also a few other downsides, such as an inability to find the total cost of Charter’s home security service on the Internet. Instead, the home service costs need to be acquired directly through a customer service professional. This lack of transparency in pricing and packages can make it difficult to compare Charter’s services to others within the industry. There is further a $99 installation fee associated with the service, whereas many other home security solutions subsidize the cost of their installations.

Ultimately, though Charter Home Security could offer some benefits for its customers, Charter itself has not made this program a priority. Consequently, customer service is likely to be lacking and it’s possible that the program could be discontinued entirely in the future. Protect America can help you if you want to find a security service now. Through Protect America, you can get a well-supported solution with excellent state-of-the-art technology.