Most people don’t realize it but the truth is that home break-ins are incredibly common throughout the United States. The Department of Justice estimates that a home is broken into, on average, once every 15 seconds. This kind of break-in rate leads to more than 5,800 reported break-ins every single day! With this in mind, we can’t blame anyone who decides to pursue a home security system for their home. In fact, that is entirely why we are discussing this topic today. In 2018, there are almost countless home security options for people to choose from. The sheer volume of security choices can be almost problematic, so we decided to pull together our favorite options for 2018. Listed below, readers will find some of the cheapest, best quality home alarm systems available in 2018.


Finding The Best Home Security For 2018

There are many ways to discover what exactly a customer needs when searching for a home alarm system. Home alarm systems are, by design, intended to cover every inch of a property with security measures that keep the inhabitants safe and sound. With that being said, no two properties are exactly the same and no two budgets are the same, either. This all means that customers who are looking to add home security to their property will have to take some time to really focus on options that match up with their circumstances.

Home security packages come in all shapes, sizes and budgets. It is integral that homeowners look at their property needs before making a home alarm system purchase.

We understand, roughly, how most home alarm systems actually work but the question remains: how do we decide which system works for us? This is a very important question because it will dictate how the security system is chosen, how much the whole outfit will cost, and what kind of coverage will be given to the property that it is installed into. Here is what we look at when discussing home alarm systems:

  • Desired Coverage Area – Look at the square footage of a home and then decide how many cameras and sensors are required.
  • Indoor/Outdoor – While it is important to have the interior of a home properly secured, it can be problematic to neglect the exterior. Exterior security systems require a different kind of touch.
  • Video Quality – Finally, it is important to pay attention to the actual video quality of the security system.

When the aforementioned concepts are paid attention to, homeowners can narrow down their hunt for the perfect cheap home alarm system. Using those metrics, continue reading in order to get a full glimpse of the best home alarm systems available while still maintaining a cheap budget.


Top Ranked Home Security Options For This Year

Just because something is cheap, it doesn’t mean that the product itself is lackluster. Today, we are looking through three of the best, cheap home alarm systems for 2018. These products are all backed by a quality guarantee and have high degrees of clout behind them, thanks to their distributors. Let’s jump into the discussion.

  1. ADT Pulse – At under $30, the ADT Pulse home alarm system is an affordable package backed by one of the oldest alarm system companies in the entire world. ADT has been in business for 140 years and their ADT Pulse program uses all of that experience expertly. Customers will get great customer service, a full box of equipment, and support for their third-party products.
  2. Vivint Smart Home – The downside to ADT Pulse is that customers need to lock into a 3-year contract, which can be troublesome. Vivint Smart Home is a similar package with more flexible pricing options. Based around a digital control system, this package only costs $50 per month for customers and includes 24/7 monitoring as well as door locks and video cameras.
  3. Protect America Home Security – The final option on our list, Protect America brings a great package together for under $20 per month. Just by skipping a cup of coffee once or twice a month, customers can have a secured home with state-of-the-art hardware.

Protect Your Home With Protect America

It’s easy to see that there are many home alarm systems available at low prices. We looked over several of the key options, but our ultimate winner is Protect America. Established in 1992, Protect America is one of the top security companies in the country. They offer free installations and low monthly rates as well as locked-in prices. Call today!