Each year, billions of dollars in property damage and losses are reported to the FBI after an estimated 2.5 million break-ins throughout the United States.

When you want to drastically improve the safety and security of your home and property, choosing the right equipment and security system is a must. Protecting your home with a cheap, yet reliable home security system is possible with a bit of research and a thorough understanding of the equipment you want to install throughout your property. Before choosing a cheap home security camera system that is right for you and your family, take the time to compare your options to determine the route that is most likely to make sense for your household’s security and protection needs.

DIY Security Camera Solutions

DIY home security systems allow you to invest in individual cameras, sensors, and motion detectors. When you choose a DIY method to implement a home security system, it is important to understand the installation process and the type of monitoring system you plan to utilize. Before you choose a DIY home security camera solution, research brand names, features, and compatibility of the cameras and equipment you are interested in to create a system that is reliable and works for your needs.

Smartphone-enabled Security Cameras and Systems

Some home security systems today are connected via apps from the iOS and Android marketplace. When using a smartphone-enabled home security system it is important to keep in mind that you are responsible for monitoring your home and surrounding property at all times. Before investing in a smartphone-enabled home security system, review your options and verify that the security system you are interested in includes a backup system for whenever your internet connection goes down (or if your internet connection is simply not reliable).


Monitored Home Security Companies

Choosing a monitored home security solution is a way to gain peace of mind whether you spend most of your time home or if you are often out of the house, traveling, or moving around for you. With a monitored home security service, receive immediate alerts while the company itself contacts the appropriate local authorities and emergency responders whenever you are in need. Eliminate the guesswork of how to handle a burglary, fire, or even a carbon monoxide leak with the right monitored home security company.

Before choosing a monitored home security company, there are a few things to keep in mind such as:

  • Initial installation fees (which can range anywhere from $30 to more than $200)
  • Equipment fees (some home security companies require all customers to purchase each piece of equipment for a home security system individually and at retail price)
  • Compare contractual agreements along with potential cancellation and moving fees for transferring your service
  • Monthly fees for service (which may range anywhere from $30 to more than $200 per 30-day period)
  • Smartphone and wireless adaption and integration (which may be important to you if you find yourself on-the-go and out of the home frequently)

Protect America prides itself on offering monitored security and protection at a fraction of the cost of other competitors on the market. Protect America is the nation’s 14th largest security company and provides security plans for as little as $30 each month without requiring additional installation or equipment fees.


Do you want an affordable, reliable, and trustworthy home security system that is monitored and protecting you at all times? Contact Protect America to learn more about our current plans and to get your free quote so you can drastically improve the safety and security of your home today.