Modern home security is nothing like security options of the past. These days, the options are far more diverse, intuitive, and convenient. However, with newer options and technologies comes the onus of choosing which systems will work best for your particular home. For people in the Queen City, Cincinnati Bell offered home security options, but those days are gone. Here are some other options to consider.


What Happened to Cincinnati Bell?

Cincinnati Bell once had a home security monitoring arm of their company. Back in 2011, they sold that asset off to another security company, Guardian Alarm. Many people still have older Cincinnati Bell security systems, but without the parent company, those systems have become obsolete.

Cincinnati Bell Inc….today announced the signing of a definitive agreement to sell its Complete Protection security monitoring business to Guardian Alarm Company.

Cincinnati Bell currently offers a home automation solution called “Connected Home.” While home automation is great for today’s homeowners, it’s not the same as having a dedicated home security system in place.

What Does Guardian Alarm Offer?

Guardian Alarm is a security company licensed in Florida but operating out of Michigan and Ohio. They do have a Cincinnati location, so they’re still part of the Queen City’s community. They offer home security plans starting at around $25 a month. However, their basic plan that includes monitoring starts at around $43 a month. That plan includes:

  • Monitoring
  • Control panel
  • Wireless remote
  • Motion sensor
  • 3 sensors

For more money, they add on things like internet monitoring and home automation features. As with most home security offerings, it’s a good idea to contact the company and discuss the options and prices, as they’re always subject to change.

Do You Need Monitoring with Your Home Security?

The short answer is yes, you definitely need monitoring. Without monitoring, a home security plan isn’t as effective as it should be. A system without monitoring is like having an alarm that can only warn you of danger some of the time, instead of all the time.

Monitoring comes in many different flavors. Some companies only monitor for alarms generated by the equipment they give. Some other companies monitor through phone lines. Both of these types of monitoring can help but aren’t ideal.

The best monitoring is 24/7 and captures alarms from all the important devices in a home. That includes fire, smoke, flooding, carbon monoxide monitoring right along with the traditional doors, windows, motion detection, and forced entry monitoring.

Guardian Alarm does have an option called a “Life Safety” feature for other types of alarms. However, those features are locked behind their higher tier packages.


Choosing Something Better for Home Security

Modern solutions need to do more for homeowners. In a world of connected automation and home security, it’s important for home security solutions to come with some of both these features right out of the box.

Options need to address the setups of many homes and even apartments. For example, a number of people no longer have regular phone lines. They have cellular service or broadband internet. Their security features should make use of those options.

If a company is still forcing someone to have to consider finding a dedicated landline just for their security system, then that company isn’t with the times. In addition, the base offerings of a home security company should have real solutions to security concerns.

If the starter package can’t satisfy the average person, then they’re forced to look at more expensive options that may include things they don’t want or need. At a bare minimum, home protection solutions should include a control panel, motion detector, and more than two sensors.

That’s enough to cover an apartment, small house, or home business. The monitoring shouldn’t sit behind a later tier. Monitoring should stand available for all users no matter what level of service they require.

At Protect America, the basic offering is often better than the second or even third tier of service from many other home security companies. They even offer a price match guarantee. For people who want an affordable, modern, monitored home security system, Protect America is an excellent choice. Contact them today for a free quote.