While burglaries are steadily on the decline in the US, there are still more than 2.5 million break-ins on average in the country each year. Home invasions are not only costly for homeowners, but they can lead to long-term emotional trauma and anxiety. Protecting your home is a top priority for Americans, which is why it is imperative to choose a provider that you can rely on in desperate times. Cobra Security Systems is one solution to help add a layer of protection to your home and property. Before choosing Cobra Security as your sole home security provider, it is important to weigh the pros and cons the company has to offer.

Did you know that there are approximately 7.9 million property crimes reported annually in the US?

Cobra Security System Features

Cobra home security solutions can be found both online and local stores such as Harbor Freight. With Cobra, install your own wireless security cameras and use a DVR system to capture video and motion both indoors and outside of your home. Cobra’s home security solutions allow you to capture and record HD video using up to 8 cameras throughout your home for a fully-customized home security system that works for the size of your property and the areas you want to protect.

Pros of Cobra Security

Cobra home security allows you to choose the type of security cameras you want to implement while also determining the number of cameras you want to invest in without hassle. Other features and advantages of Cobra Home Security system solutions include:

  • No contractual agreement or initial investment necessary to get started with Cobra.
  • Choose the system setup of home security cameras and DVRs that are optimal for your household and family.
  • Enjoy indoor and outdoor monitoring with security cameras that also have infrared capabilities.
  • Easily set up and install your Cobra security system without paying for professional installation.
  • Schedule when your home security system runs or opt for motion detection to allow your Cobra security system to begin recording with any movement it detects.

Cons of Cobra Security

While Cobra home security provides equipment to get started with a home security system of your own, there are a few drawbacks and disadvantages to choosing the provider, such as:

  • You are limited on the type of equipment you can invest in with Cobra security, keeping you from building a comprehensive and robust home security solution.
  • You are solely responsible for managing and monitoring your home security system. Without a monitored home security system, you are required to monitor and report any suspicious or potentially life-threatening situations to local authorities, even if you are in the midst of a burglary occurring.
  • It is not possible to have the Cobra home security cameras and equipment professionally installed, which is difficult for those who are unfamiliar with the technology and how to maximize the use of wireless devices.


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