Cocoon is a home security device that was recently launched to raise funds for their production stage. Production funds are being raised via crowd funding website, Indiegogo. The Cocoon device is small and round. The team of tech-savvy developers that created Cocoon claims that it can sense movement throughout the entire dwelling with SUBSOUND technology. The device has yet to go through beta-testing. Cocoon has not yet completed it’s Indiegogo campaign, although it has already surpassed it’s pledged goal of $100,000. Cocoon devices are expected to ship in the fourth quarter of 2015, which is about a year away. In the mean time, who will be safeguarding your home?

Cocoon: What Can it Do?

Cocoon can be controlled by your smartphone and will automatically arm and disarm your device for you when you leave and arrive. It has the ability to sense movement and sound in your home without the need for additional motion detectors, or so it claims. It uses a technology called SUBSOUND, which uses infra-sound to sense unusual activity in the home.

While Cocoon claims it can sense activity outside of the room, it has not been beta-tested and currently has zero feedback from the general public about the software reliability and accuracy. Cocoon has a wide angled HD camera with night vision, an additional motion detector, a siren, a speaker, a microphone and a temperature gauge. While these are all beneficial security features, it’s more about what Cocoon cannot do that alarms us.


What it Lacks

While it is safe to say that any home security system is better than no home security system, there are some key features Cocoon lacks that make it vulnerable:

Wouldn’t you prefer your security system preventing a burglary rather than interrupting one? Monitoring doors and windows with glass break sensors and additional equipment can give you the advantage of knowing and acting before someone steps foot in your home.

Smoke Detection

Cocoon has a temperature gauge but it does not have a smoke detector. Cocoon’s temperature gauge may be able to notify you in the event of a fire. Nonetheless without a smoke detector, by the time your home reaches alarming temperature, most of it has probably burnt to pieces. At Protect America, we offer monitored smoke detectors for an affordable price. Monitored smoke detectors can identify smoke or rapidly rising temperatures 24 hours a day whether you’re home or not. Even if your security system is disarmed, our monitoring facility notifies your local fire department if there is a fire.


Unmonitored Security is Vulnerable

Cocoon states that they’ll eventually add an option for a professional monthly monitoring subscription in the future. But for now, Cocoon is an unmonitored system. Unmonitored systems, however, are considered a vulnerability. Having a professionally monitored system provides a higher level of security. Only monitored systems come with 24-hour surveillance by a professional security team. With unmonitored systems, you’re largely on your own as far as responding to an intrusion. Consider using a monitored home security system from Protect America. We offer professional monitoring for as low as $19.99 a month, and give out free equipment with this purchase.

Monitored systems save precious time dispatching help at the exact moment of intrusion. For example, when your home gets broken into, the Cocoon device sends you a text message notifying you or a neighbor. You’re both busy at work and eventually check your phones an hour later. By this time, your home has been burglarized. Monitored systems will send help directly to your home after evaluating the condition. Most burglaries are completed in less than 10 minutes.

Warranty and Additional Information

A single Cocoon will cost you about $300. For the same price, you can secure your home and family for over a year with our $19.99 a month professional monitoring – that’s longer than Cocoon’s warranty! Additionally, Protect America guarantees free installation and a lifetime warranty.  Experience means reliability, and Protect America has over 20 years of experience to help you find the perfect set-up for your home and family.