A-COM was founded in 1973 by Wayne Beck. Today, A-COM is one of the biggest family-owned home security companies in Georgia. Since they have been around for 42 years, you might think that A-COM will give you small-town service at a good price. However, be aware, small-time security companies can have big-time problems.

High Monitoring Costs

The first thing you’re going to notice about A-COM is their incredibly high monthly monitoring rates. Their monthly rates start at $43.70. That’s entirely too high.

At Protect America, our monthly monitoring rates start at $19.99/month. Now, a difference of $23.71 per month might not seem like much. But, over the course of your contract that $23.71 turns into $853.56. That’s right, you’re overpaying almost $900 for your home security. Just think of all the things you could buy with $900 in your life.


Incomplete Home Security Packages

If you’re paying so much more for your home security, you might be thinking that A-COM is somehow giving you more equipment. You would be wrong.

A-COM’s security packages only come with 3 door/window sensors. That’s just not enough. When as the last time you went to a house with only 3 doors or windows? If you’re looking for home security, you’re looking to protect your entire house, not just 3 doors and windows.

By comparison, Protect America’s Platinum Package offers 14 door/window sensors. You can see that A-COM clearly doesn’t offer the necessary security equipment to protect your entire home.

The Protect America Difference

You might be thinking about getting home security from A-COM to get that local level of service. However, since A-COM is such a small regional company, they can’t offer several of the promises that Protect America can.

For example, Protect America will always offer a low price guarantee. What that means to you is that if A-COM suddenly lowers their prices, Protect America will match their monthly monitoring costs. Speak to a security consultant today for more information.

Another guarantee that Protect America offers is its $0 equipment fee promise.  This means that even though A-COM is content with charging you $99 in up-front costs, at Protect America, that cost would be zero.


Need Help? Get a Free Consultation

At Protect America, we understand that shopping for home security can be a very difficult task. From learning about door and window sensors to understanding about monitoring options, buying home security is a very research-intensive process. To help with this, we offer a complimentary consultation with a security expert.

If you’ve got some questions or are just looking for a nudge in the right direction, give our main line a call. We would love to help.