When choosing your home security system, you will often rely on the support of the company’s customer service representatives to get you through any problems and answer any questions you may have through install and operation. Unfortunately not all customer service departments were created alike. Below are some surprising facts you may not know about Comcast home security customer service.

You Will Only Get a Supervisor if Your Refuse Any Other Help

Many customers have found it extremely difficult to be connected with a supervisor at their request when they feel they are getting nowhere with the representative they are conversing with. When a lot of the customers calling in are heading about the Comcast cancellation fee for the first time their customer service is used to dealing with angry customers which makes it hard to escalate. This inability to speak with a higher up – along with other similar tactics – unfortunately, is part of the protocol at Comcast customer service. Representatives are given set escalation measures that they are required to follow when dealing with a customer who is getting upset with the service they are receiving. The policy at Comcast is for the customer service representatives to try to keep the customer calm and not to pass them off to the supervisor unless the supervisor feels that there will be no other way to get the customer off of the call unless they intercede. So don’t be surprised if you are told to leave your information and have a supervisor call back.

Scheduling a Comcast Appointment

After waiting on hold and complaining about your issue for a while you might finally get the customer service rep to agree to send someone out to help you with your situation. Honestly, the speed in which you can get an appointment depends on the severity of your situation and/or the amount of impatience and anger you’re displaying. There’s really no way around this. Once you actually get an appointment you can reschedule it through their app.

To reschedule an appointment simply download and log in to your Xfinity My Account app on your IOS or Android device. In your account overview page, you will find appointment information underneath bill pay and common solutions. Click on manage appointment. You’ll see options to reschedule, add to calendar and to cancel.

Customer Service Has No Idea When Your Technician Will Show Up

Though Comcast offers a two-hour appointment window to provide the most convenience for their customers, their model does not necessarily support this claim. Technicians often are scheduled for four-hour appointments with the average home security installation running anywhere up to 6 hours which can seriously hinder the schedule. The worst part about it is that the bureaucratic setup of Comcast means that your point of contact – customer service – really has no idea when your technician may arrive. When you call into customer service to find out when your technician will arrive the representative will:

  • Tell you that a Dispatcher or technician will call you back though this is unlikely to occur.
  • Have to send an email to dispatch and wait for a response which can take anywhere from 1 to 30 minutes.
  • Push you to fill out a resolve form and call back with your incident number.

They Can Cancel Your Appointment Even Without Calling

Comcast operates under the ability to cancel your appointment if they try to verify you are home and can’t get a hold of you. Unfortunately this verification – or lack thereof – causes all types of problems with customers.  The first complication is that it is the dispatcher’s responsibility to make the call on behalf of the technician. Since the dispatch will hear from the technician when they are ready to get to your appointment, they can call you anytime once the technician has completed or is about to complete their previous job.

A recent interview with a former Comcast customer service rep reiterated their policy on canceling appointments.

“They consider that if you don’t pick up your phone…even if they never called you…you are not home verified. That means the tech does not have to go to your house because your appointment was canceled.”

This means that dispatch will probably have little to no concern about the agreed upon two-hour appointment window that the customer and customer service have agreed upon and are only focused on getting the technician through their calls as quickly as possible. This can mean that the customer may receive the verification call an hour or so before the appointment and if they are not there to answer at that time, it will be canceled. What is even worse is the fact that many customers have claimed to have never received calls and find out their appointment has been canceled due to home verification issues. If cancellation occurs, it is often impossible to get the technician to return on the day and even if you can show you received no call the customer service will tell you that dispatch said they called and you are out of luck.

Getting the best customer for support for your home security system is essential to ensuring that your system is operating smoothly and is there when you need it the most. If you are interested in finding out more about home monitoring or would like to secure service from a company name that is trusted in both their products and service, contact Protect America today.