Investing in a home security company is often a long-term commitment, especially if you do not plan to move or cancel your service at any time in the near future. With more than 2.5 million burglaries reported each year in the US. With the potential risk of having your home invaded and violated, installing a home security system is an optimal solution for an added layer of protection. Before choosing a home security company that is right for you, compare features, functionality, and the overall cost of services that various providers have to offer. While Comcast offers home security services through Xfinity, it is important to conduct adequate and thorough research regarding their overall customer service and the type of security they provide.

In 2016, there were more than 7.9 million property crimes reported nationwide in the US.

Hidden Fees and Service Costs

One of the biggest complaints against Comcast and Xfinity is the hidden fees and other service costs that are not transparent and available to customers before receiving their bills from the company itself. Hidden fees and service costs also include transferring and moving fees as well as cancellation fees for customers who are currently in a contractual agreement binding them to the company. Before signing any new contractual agreement with Comcast, verify your first bill and confirm that you will not receive any unexpected charges or additional fees.

Even if you have been a long-time customer of Comcast, you may still be required to pay a transferring or relocation fee if you decide to move while you are still under contract with the company. Consider whether you plan on moving in the near future before signing a new contract with Comcast to avoid penalties and costly fees after you relocate. If at any time you are entirely unsatisfied with the service that Comcast has provided, it is possible to cancel your contract with the agreement that you are responsible for a cancellation fee or the remaining balance you owe to Comcast for the duration of your contract. Avoid signing a contract with a home security company if you are unsure of their policy regarding cancellation fees and whether or not you are required to pay your remaining balance even if you are unhappy with the service you received.

Required Contract

Before receiving home security services available from Comcast, all new and prospective customers are required to sign a lengthy contract lasting at least two years. While a two-year contract is much shorter than traditional industry contracts (which are typically anywhere from three to five years in length), all customers are required to sign the written agreement before service becomes available. Not all home security companies require a lengthy contract, which is why it is essential to research various providers before making a final decision that is optimal for your family. Additionally, it is also important to note that Comcast reserves the right to increase prices and service charges one year after the original contract is signed and dated. Even if you receive a drastic discount offer with your new home security system with Comcast, it is important to prepare yourself for your monthly rate to return to its “normal” base rate after 12 months.

Negative Brand Reputation and Reviews

Unfortunately, Comcast has become known as one of “America’s Most Hated Companies“, not only due to its hidden fees and surprise upcharges but also for its complete lack of customer service. For a company so massive in the United States, Comcast is notorious for its lack of customer service and ability to guarantee customer satisfaction. Whenever you are choosing a new home security system to protect your family, your home, and your personal belongings, it is highly recommended to read various customer reviews and testimonials from both past and current customers of companies you are most interested in using.  Reviews and testimonials provide insight into the inner workings of companies along with customer service and whether or not the products and services offered are worthy of your time and money.


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