According to statistics, your home’s risk of burglary is 33 percent reduced when you have a home security system. Xfinity Home Security from Comcast is a professionally monitored home security system. While the company is notorious for poor customer service and rates that fluctuate, it does provide 24/7 professional monitoring along with high quality equipment for your home. When shopping for a home security system, it’s important to look at the pros and cons of a system to decide if it’s suitable for your needs.


High Quality Equipment

Xfinity’s home security package from Comcast comes with:

  • 3 access sensors for doors and windows
  • Motion detector
  • Wireless touchscreen control panel
  • Wireless key fob

The technology is rated as high-quality and reliable, and the system as a whole is effective in alerting you and the company about intruders. The motion detector senses a wide range of motion, so it can be used in large rooms. The touchscreen control panel makes the entire system easy to use, and its functions can also be accessed on any mobile device through Xfinity’s home security app.

According to

“You won’t find any old-school equipment with Xfinity Home Security; the company utilizes cutting-edge technology in each of its packages, including touch screen wireless keypads, remote thermostat control, window sensors and door sensors and mobile video monitoring via the Xfinity Home app.”

Professional Monitoring

When it comes to the safety of your home and family, around-the-clock professional monitoring is the only way to go. Comcast’s Xfinity home security bundle gives you 24/7 monitoring with real-time alerts sent to your phone. Self monitored security systems depend on your own vigilance alone, but professional security companies like Comcast and Protect America that include full monitoring are able to have your back by responding to alerts even when you don’t see them.

Remote Access and Home Automation

Comcast provides easy-to-use, high-rated mobile apps for Android and iOS that enable you to access your Xfinity home security system remotely. With remote access, you can arm and disarm your system no matter where you are. With additional equipment from Xfinity, you can set up home automation that integrates with your Xfinity security system. Using any mobile device, you can change the lighting and adjust your thermostat without having to get up from bed, and you can lock all your doors without having to walk your entire house.


Poor Customer Service

Comcast has a poor reputation when it comes to customer service and tech support. If you have a problem with your system during installation or while it’s in suse, you may have to deal with long waiting times on the phone and representatives who aren’t fully knowledgeable, as many Comcast customers have. Poor customer service and difficulty in getting tech support has caused many customers to leave terrible reviews. According to a website that reviews home security companies:

“Based on user reviews we’ve received, common customer complaints include installation problems and delays, billing issues resulting in fees, and poor customer service. Xfinity currently ranks in the bottom 10% in user review scores of all home security companies we have reviewed. Over 300+ people have shared their experience here with Xfinity Home Security and on average, those people have said their experience was roughly a 2/10.”

Rising Cost

Xfinity likes to suck customers in with low monthly fees, only to raise them later. Instead of giving you locked-in rates, it requires a 2-year contract that starts with a discount price and then increases to $39.99 after the first year. Additionally, Comcast’s home security plan is more expensive compared to those of other leaders in the industry.

Protect America

Protect America gives you locked-in low rates and professional 24/7 home monitoring. When you get started with Protect America, we give you up to $1,400 worth of top of the line equipment completely free, with no installation cost. Interested in getting the best monitored security for your home? Call Protect America for a free quote today.