Comcast is the  largest cable and Internet company in the world, by revenue. They are growing even larger, as they have added Xfinity Home Security to their line of services. While Comcast remains the largest Internet and cable provider in the United States, we ask the question: Is bigger really better?


Watch Out, Comcast

According to Consumerist, Comcast was voted 2014’s worst company in America – for the second time in the past four years. Comcast is one of two companies in all of America to have been crowned with this title twice. Do you really want to safeguard your home with a security system from a company that is voted the worst in America?

According to the American Consumer Satisfaction Index,

Comcast has more negative customer reviews than any business or government agency in the United States.

Many of these unsatisfied customers are upset with their reliability, not to mention the fact that Comcast is at liberty to increase your monthly rates mid-contract. At Protect America, you’re guaranteed locked-in rates for the life of your agreement.

Losing Customers – And Why

According to a recent article,

Some investors may view Xfinity Home as a big boon for Comcast. After all, it’s another potential growth channel, and could drive a lot of extra revenue. And Comcast’s need for more revenue probably shouldn’t be underestimated, considering the fact that it has been losing basic cable TV subscribers in droves for many quarters now.

Xfinity home security offers are pricy when adding on components. They’re skimpy on the ones they include. Only 3 door/window sensors? How many houses do you know with two doors and one window? Additionally, their installation fees range between $200 and $400. Xfinity Home Security costs a minimum of $29.95 a month.

While they guarantee this price for 12 months, their contract length is 24 months suggesting that you will be charged a higher rate halfway through your agreement. For a company that doesn’t even specialize in home security, their prices are awfully high. Protect America focuses on affordable and simple home security options. Check out one of Protect America’s customizable packages today!


The Double-Edged Sword

You might think Comcast’s all-in-one approach is convenient with your Internet and security needs wrapped into one monthly bill. However, this can be a double-edged sword. When you switch Internet providers you might think twice about the lack of flexibility with Xfinity Home Security. Comcast’s dismal customer reviews and ridiculously high prices all pose an important question regarding the company’s integrity: Why would a corporation pursue a new line of business when its current customers aren’t even happy with its traditional products and services?