For most people, home is the place of security for them and their family. But, over 300,000 homes are broken into by intruders every year. Home invasions lead to billions of dollars in property losses throughout the country, as well as emotional trauma for victims, and physical injury in some cases.

Families can protect themselves and their belongings by installing a home security system that is most appropriate for their home and property, and by keeping the system continuously activated and tested.

Of course, there are points to consider before investing in a home security system, as with any property upgrade. This particular decision is about protecting a homeowner’s family and possessions, so before installing a system is time to weigh the major pros and cons.

Home Security System 2019 PROS

As the US Federal Trade Commission explains, “Some systems not only can warn you of intruders, but also can notify authorities of a medical emergency, monitor smoke and carbon monoxide and water levels or pressures, and include video surveillance.” These are all exceptionally important benefits of better-quality 2019 home security systems.

In addition to protecting your family’s safety, your home and possessions, an effective home security system:

  • Provides you with peace of mind.
  • Helps maintain your neighborhood’s property values.
  • Store surveillance images that can help police identify and prosecute criminals.
  • Provides a strong deterrent to discourage would-be intruders, according to research findings from a study by the Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice, “Residential burglar alarm systems decrease crime.” The study summary notes other research findings that “most burglars avoid alarms systems.”


Home Security System Cons

You may wonder what possible negatives there could be related to 2019 home security systems. But, there are a few potentially associated issues:

  • Many people believe that a home security system is an unaffordable luxury.
  • Home security is viewed by many people as a luxury, not a necessity. This is although homeowners’ losses nation-wide due to home break-ins seem to indicate that, more realistically, modern homeowners can’t afford not to have an effective home security system.
  • If security systems are not used consistently, users tend to forget codes, leave systems deactivated or leave doors and windows improperly closed, resulting in higher rates of false alarms, and less effectiveness of the security system to protect the home.

Monitored vs. Unmonitored Home Security Systems

The difference between unmonitored security systems and monitored systems is simple enough.

Unmonitored security systems are tempting due to the savings of monthly monitoring fees, but unmonitored systems are generally much less effective for security than monitored systems.

Some users may prefer to monitor their own systems. Under certain unique circumstances, it may be feasible for system owners to efficiently monitor security at home, without use of a remote professional monitoring service.

Modern Security Systems

Today’s advanced home security systems offer optimal home safety and security. Home security systems in 2019 provide many more features and functions than earlier systems did. Today’s state-of-the-art security systems provide:

  • The majority of today’s improved home security systems continue to work protecting your home even during power outages, by using backup battery power and cellular technology.
  • Modern high-tech professional monitoring companies are able to provide high-efficiency coverage for surprisingly low home security monitoring service fees.
  • A properly installed modern security system provides full coverage of the home’s exterior, eliminating blind spots.
  • Window, door, and glass break sensors, along with camera surveillance and other security and safety components form comprehensive home protection systems.
  • Modern interior motion sensors detect movement and heat, for the world’s most advanced security monitoring.
  • User-friendly live video monitoring with two-way voice communications functionality provide homeowners with ideal screening capabilities.
  • Modern home safety equipment featuring monitored smoke, heat, and carbon detection makes homes safer than ever in the past.
  • Today’s security systems can be connected at your home anytime, from any location with the touch of a button on your smartphone mobile app.
  • Systems are now easy to disconnect and move along with you, if you relocate.

Contemporary home security systems have advanced far beyond earlier versions of alarm systems. Today’s amazing systems are convenient to use, provide comprehensive safety and security features, and are available in a wide variety of surprisingly affordable systems designs.


While everyone wants the best possible protection, home security system costs are biggest concern for many people. Another big advantage for today’s consumers is that residential security systems have become so much more affordable than in the earlier years, before the technology was in wide use.

Even today’s state-of-the-art systems are accessible for many more consumers. A good home security system provider will work with you to put together the most effective security system for your home at an affordable price.

The provider you choose should provide you with a free price quote for home security systems that are designed to meet your unique needs. Some of the simplest and most sophisticated home security technologies can provide systems that you can easily install on your own, without the inconvenience and expense of having security company employees come into your home to install.


Becoming an Experienced Security System User

In order for a home security system to be fully effective, it must be used routinely. Inconsistent use of the system leads to forgetting codes, accidentally triggering false alarms, and eventually perceiving the system as an excessive inconvenience.

Without commitment to properly maintain activation of the system, users can become more likely than an intruder to defeat their own security systems.

As you can see, keeping perspective on the need to develop a habit of taking the few seconds as you’re leaving and returning home to activate and reset the system help ensure efficient protection of your home and family.

Protect America

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For More Information

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