Consumer Reports is one of the oldest consumer advocacy organizations in the world. The non-profit organization began operations more than 80 years ago with the goal of being a champion to the customer. Currently, Consumer Reports provides more than 8,000 reviews on products designed to improve your life and to keep you safe.


We understand Consumer Reports wants to keep you safe, that’s why we wanted to know what their options were for security systems. Why do we want to know the available options from Consumer Reports?

U.S. household experiences 15.9 million property crimes!

The effective rate of property crime is 119.4 per 1,000 households. How do we cut this rate? Having the right security system, either monitored or unmonitored. So, let’s take a closer look at the options available from Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports Security Systems – What’s Available?

Considering Consumer Reports doesn’t sell products, they only review them, we broke everything up into smaller bits. You want to info without all of the useless jargon, right!

Best Value

Based on the research from Consumer Reports, one of the best values is Ring. The company offers professional monitoring, or you have the option to self-monitor. What is the cost of Ring?

If you’re ready to pull out your credit card, you’re shelling out $199 for the starter kit. Do you want hardware? Yeah, tack on an additional $519. The product is relatively new; considering it was just released in July 2018.

“Smartest” Smart-Home Option

When Consumer Reports tested Smart Home options, it concluded the Honeywell Smart Home Security System was their top choice. This system is a do-it-yourself option. The bases doubles as a security camera, while it offers facial recognition, smart speaker, and two-way audio.

What’s impressive with this system is Honeywell is a known brand, but crowdfunded this Smart Home option through Indiegogo.

As far as costs go, you’ll be paying a pretty penny. While not the most expensive in this category (Nest), you’ll be shelling out the cash. The starter kit costs $500. Do you want hardware? The cost of all of the equipment needed is $1,100.

Smart Cameras

Often considered your personal HD Crime Fighter, home security cameras should be:

  • Simple
  • Live
  • Offer high-definition protection

With that said, how does Consumer Reports choose the right security camera? The company uses a four-step process in choosing the right security camera, including:

  • Choosing the right camera type
  • Selecting the power source
  • Comparing the cloud storage

The type of camera depends on placement. Is the camera indoors or are you placing it outside the home? There are tons of options for indoors, but outdoors, you can choose from:

  • Wireless security cameras
  • Video doorbells


What’s the difference?

Wireless video cameras can be placed almost anywhere, and most models are waterproof. Some models even allow you to receive alerts to your phone. One of the drawbacks to wireless security systems is the fee for cloud storage.

Video doorbells uses your current doorbell wiring, instead of needing to run additional wiring to your home. A few drawbacks of video doorbells are connectivity and price. When you place a device outside of the home, connectivity may come into play. And then there are the potential cloud storage fees.

What is the Alternative?

Do Consumer Reports offer solid advice? Yes. Are their recommendations the only brands out there? No!

In 1992, a small, yet professional team started one of the now largest residential home security companies in the U.S., Protect America. The driving for behind the team of professionals is:

We’re committed to protecting homes and families. Thus, someone’s home security shouldn’t be a joke.

We want to keep you, your loved ones and personal belongs safe. How do we keep you safe? And, what do we offer that the other guys don’t?

  • 24/7 professionally monitored home security.
  • No installation fees, locked-in rates, and a price-match guarantee.
  • Simple & Affordable Home Security as low as $30/mo.
  • Up to $1,400 in Free Equipment
  • Locked-in Rate
  • No Installation Fees, Ever.
  • Price Match Guarantee: Find a Better Deal? We’ll Match it.

What’s not to like about the nine-time Consumers Digest Best Buy winner? But, are you interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America.