Bringing together technologies into one concealable network, device, or app seems to almost be a standard in the modern age. Consumers want products that are efficient and as streamlined as possible. The home security space is no different.

We’ve taken a look at many home automation hubs, entire smart house systems, and various stand alone home security products that all attempt to do this for customers. One of the more notable in this space is Control4, a home automation system that turns the house into a smart home, and even connects costumers’ electronics and home entertainment devices with the rest of the technology.

In a very crowded home security space, how does Control4 compare to the others? And is the company’s high price of admission worth the product?


What are the Specs?

Control4 is a fully customizable home security and automation system that connects all systems in the house, including; HVAC, lighting, audio/video, security, sensors, et cetera. All of these devices communicate with each other to allow users to control them from a remote or a smart device like a tablet or cellphone.

Control4 comes equipped with a searchable event history that records incidents and gives a sequenced and contextual understanding of all the activity that takes place in the home. It also integrates with popular security panels like HoneyWell, DSC, Interlogix, Napco, and others.

The other main appeal with Control4 that we mentioned briefly, is the product’s offering of home entertainment devices that have streaming services, like Pandora, Tidal, and more to attach and connect with your home. This creates all encompassing home and entertainment automation which communicates with the entire home.


There’s Some Problems

Control4 is a well received offering and it covers just about every need a homeowner will have, but there are a few problems with the system. It only offers a two year warranty, which is a bit smaller than many other systems that are currently on the market. Here at Protect America, we offer an unlimited lifetime warranty. 

Control4 also isn’t DIY (do-it-yourself), which means that you won’t be able to self install any of the products. To get up and running with the Control4, customers will need to have installers come in and place the system. This process requires two people, and since Control4 is so expansive, it usually means that the installers need up to two full days to get the system up and running. Even the simpler aspects of the system take up a fair amount of time.

The main problem with Control4 is the price. With so many products and necessities, your package will get steep pretty quickly. Even the lowest packages for a Control4 device are near $2,000, and this is just for basic coverage. Customers who are looking at all features and equipment could end up paying anywhere from $4,000 to $7,000. And with those steep prices you’ll still be missing on home automation features like voice recognition.

The combination of price and install times is enough for us to suggest going a different route for your home security needs. Something as crucial as home security should never cost an arm and a leg, or cause families the type of trouble that they’ll have from installers and prices. These systems should be as simple and convenient as possible.