There are several reasons why everyone should invest in a home security system. For starters, there are estimated to be 2 million burglaries that occur each year in the United States! Approximately 66 percent of these are residential burglaries. The founder of, Lee Walters states,

“Criminals are creatures of opportunity and wherever there’s an opportunity to strike, they will…”

A home security system can be crucial for overall home protection and peace of mind. Costco provides customers with a wide range of security systems to choose from. While they don’t provide actual services, they do sell a variety of security products. The following are several different systems offered that each come with their own unique features and benefits.



Costco carries the AvertX Cloud Connected Security System with 16 channels. It comes with 8 cameras, 2 which are 4K HD828 IP and 6 that are 4MP HD820 IP. This system sells for $2,999.99 and also includes the following:

  • Avert X provides US tech support.
  • The system uses intuitive and secure software that has been developed by AvertX.
  • There is cloud storage and cloud subscription. Consumer Reports states that most manufacturers have selected cloud storage instead of local storage.

The AvertX 8 channel system has features that are similar to the 16 channel model and sells for $1,799.99. They also have an AvertX add on dome camera for $299.99. This camera features 4x zoom, IR illumination, and is waterproof for outdoor use.


The Lorex brand of security systems provides several different products in price ranges to fit nearly every budget. Costco carries everything from a single IP camera to 8 channel and extensive 16 channel security systems made by Lorex. These systems can be purchased from $199.99 to $1299.99.


There are quality Q-See products to choose from at Costco. There are both indoor and outdoor models that can be selected. The 8 Channel 1080-P at $299.99 provides the following:

  • Q-See provides 8 bullet cameras for outdoor use.
  • There is 1TB hard drive recorder with 8 channels.
  • Remote viewing is available with the free app.

The 4CH NVR Security System is priced at $399.99 and provides the following features:

  • There are 30 foot power cables.
  • The system has Wi-Fi and 4 channels.
  • It has 4 bullet cameras.


Samsung offers a Smart Cam Monitoring Camera for $79.97 at Costco. This product features two way talk and 155 degree tilt. Tech Group reports that it’s important to have a camera with a two way audio system because it basically allows a person to be in two places at the same time. It can also be used alone as well as part of an overall security system. The Samsung Smart Cam Monitoring Camera also provides audio and motion event notification. It also has streaming capabilities with up to 4 profiles.



The Homehawk Indoor Home Monitoring Camera by Panasonic sells at Costco for $99.99. This system provides temperature, sound, and motion alerts. It has two way talk in real time and a wide angle lens. It also provides up to 17 feet of night vision. The Homehawk boasts that it’s a totally wireless system.

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