Cove Smart, or simply Cove, is a new comer to the DIY home security industry. However, Cove is not your typical fresh face. The Utah based outfit has essentially set a new standard for excellence in the DIY home security industry and epitomizes what it means for a business to be truly customer-centric. On their about us page, Cove states that they are “a scrappy team with strong financial resources, experience in diverse industries, and decades of combined experience in the home security industry.” In other words – Cove is a serious contender in the home security industry and they’re here to play for keeps.

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    The Cove Difference

    Excellent | Easy | Enjoyable | Economical

    These four traits are the foundation of Cove’s entire mission as a company. Cove then extends their vision with a 7-prong approach in order to differentiate their product and service offerings.

      1. Rock Solid Hardware: Cove has designed their own professional-grade equipment from the ground up…and it shows! The entire equipment lineup is crazy simple to install, even easier to use and doesn’t cut any corners.
      2. Reliable Supervision: Cove’s professional monitoring is top notch, easy on your wallet and has earned recognition from Angie’s List.
      3. Simple & Low Pressure: Cove prides themselves that you’ll never need a technician to troubleshoot your system and they vow to never pit you against a high pressure salesperson.
      4. No Contracts: Cove’s professional monitoring operates on a month-to-month basis. That means no long-term contracts, nor astronomical cancellation fees for you – the customer.
      5. Lifetime Warranty*: Cove stands behind their equipment with the utmost confidence. If something happens to any element of your Cove home security system – they’ll replace it.
      6. 60-Day Trial: Again, Cove simply exudes confidence.If you’re not 100% satisfied with Cove, they’ll refund the entirety of the low upfront price tag.
      7. Direct Connection: Cove cut out the middlemen and that means big time savings for you – the customer.

    Check out the set-up process for Cove home security…

    Cove Approach to Home Security

    Cove firmly believes in a simple 2-layer approach to home security. The first layer consists of securing all exterior doors with strategically placed interior motion sensors providing a second layer of protection. This approach encourages customers to start with a simple equipment package to monitor the primary points around your home where a burglar is most likely to strike.    

    Cove Security Equipment

    The Essentials

    • Cove’s Protect Panel ($239.99) sports an attractive 7” touchscreen and serves as the heart of the operation. In addition to the massive touch screen, the panel features a less than subtle 85 dB siren.
    • The door sensors ($15.00) serve as the primary line of defense against burglars and other unwanted visitors. Cove recommends that you have a door sensor for each exterior door.
    • The window sensors ($30.00) are designed to prevent burglars from entering your abode via a ground-floor window. These little watchdogs sound the alarm before intruders before they enter the motion sensors sphere of protection. Cove advises users to protect every ground-floor window with a sensor to stop intruders dead in their tracks.
    • The Key Remotes ($25.00) are straight out of the auto industry playbook. These familiar looking 4-button key fobs allow users to arm/disarm the system and send a SOS distress signal in the event of a medical emergency.

    Secondary Equipment

    • A motion sensor ($30.00) provides a secondary line of defense to support the door and window sensors.. These all-seeing eyes are designed to watch over a full room or area with a detection range up to 45 feet. Cove recommends one motion sensor for each high-traffic area. However, one of these cost-effective tools placed in a central location will suffice in most cases.
    • A glass break sensor ($70.00) paired with a window sensor makes for a superb security combo. These sensors detect the sound of breaking glass in the event a burglar opts to smash their way into your home.

    Cove Life Safety Equipment

    • Smoke Detectors ($70.00) save lives and help limit damages by sounding the alarm to alert users and notify the monitoring center the moment a fire is detected. The obnoxiously loud sirens in the detector and Protect Panel will alert everyone around. If you’re not home, Cove will send the fire department to your home on your behalf.
    • Flood Sensors ($20.00) are a surefire way to avoid massive looming headaches by notifying you of potential problems before they evolve into full-blown disasters. Water based damages are the top homeowners’ insurance claim and can cost you thousands…steer clear of this disaster and place a flood sensor in the bathroom, kitchen, under the sink or fridge…anywhere a leak could spring up.
    • A Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector ($70.00) will keep your household safe and warn you of potentially harmful CO levels.

    Cove Professional Monitoring

    Cove offers two monitoring plans – Basic ($24.99/month) and Value ($34.99/month). Both plans include 24/7 monitoring, LiveAssist, Smash and Grab Protection, Automated SystemCheck, Cove InstaText and communicate with the monitoring station via a cellular network exclusively.

    LiveAssist allows for real-time 2-way communication with the monitoring station via the Touch Panel.

    Smash and Grab Protection eliminates the timeless workaround that allows burglars to disarm the system by simply unplugging and removing the battery.

    Automated System Check will notify you if your system ever goes offline.

    InstaText provides immediate notifications in the event your home is threatened by an unwelcome guest. You can also respond to these notification right away via text message.

    Value Monitoring Plan

    The enhanced Value plan ($34.99/month) includes everything provided in the basic plan and includes three additional features. With the Value plan, users will receive alerts on their iOS/Android based smartphones. Users will also have the ability to arm/disarm their system via their iOS/Android smartphone. Cove’s lifetime warranty only applies to accounts that subscribe to the upgraded Value monitoring plan.

    The Cost of Cove

    The following figures are based on the Smith family, which consists of two adults and two children, and the Smith home has three exterior doors, eight ground floor windows and two areas with high foot traffic. Based on Cove’s recommendations, the Smith family should expect to pay $464 for their equipment: Touch Panel: $239, Door Sensors (x3): $45, Window Sensors (x8): $120, Motion Sensors (x2): $60, and Key Remotes (x2): $50…which amounts to a grand total of $514 for the equipment alone.

    Decisions Street SignNow the Smith family has a big decision to make…how do they want to pay for their equipment?

    Option 1: Pay the full $464 upfront and receive a $10 discount on their monthly monitoring subscription. This option is forgiving since the Smith family can terminate their relationship with Cove at anytime without penalty.

    Option 2: Pay $0 for their equipment and agree to a 36-months monitoring – this is also known as a contract. In the event the Smith family wishes to end their monitoring agreement before the 36-month agreement is complete they will have to pay $514 in-full to cover the cost of their equipment.