Cox Communications is a telecom company that remains the third largest cable provider in the United States. While Cox is one of the latest cable companies to release a home security system, there are some interesting dynamics to note with a security system from a telecom company. Your experience with your cable company probably isn’t great, and you aren’t alone.  In fact, saying that people dislike dealing with cable companies is an understatement. Think twice before giving another telecom company even more control over your life.



Cable companies are fairly new to the home security industry. Most of the telecom companies toting home security systems have emerged in the past few years. With Cox announcing their products in March of 2013, their security packages don’t have much feedback. Without much feedback, it’s difficult to see what works and what doesn’t. Don’t be another cable company’s guinea pig in the home security industry. A proven track record in home security is a very important factor to consider when evaluating home security solutions. Would you really trust your home and family in the hands of a security system that is newer than Candy Crush?

The Low-Down

Cox Home Security offers intrusion and home safety monitoring, including fire, gas and flood, as well as remote system access and control. Cox Home Security is available to residential consumers in select markets, and pricing may require a 3-year service contract and subscription to Cox TV, Internet, or phone service. Cox offers two types of security plans: The Preferred Plan and the Essential Plan. The Essential plan is the lesser of the two and comes with no equipment other than the main alarm. It will cost you $29.99 a month with a $100 installation fee and additional equipment fees. The Preferred Plan is about $40 a month, which is double the price of one of Protect America’s most popular packages. Protect America provides free installation and equipment.


This unhappy Cox customer wrote a review stating his dissatisfaction about the service Cox provides. His complaint said:

I’ve had this system for 5 days. It has been down for two and when I called today they told me it would be two days before they could come out. That means it will be down for four days out of 7 in the first week.

Don’t Follow the Crowd

Deciding which security company to protect your home is a process that involves research and comparison. Would you expect the best quality sports equipment from Walmart? Or would you expect something better from a specialty sporting goods retailer? The same notion applies with home security. Why should you choose a system from a company that doesn’t even specialize in home security? Protect America specializes in affordable and simple home security options. Check out one of Protect America’s customizable packages today!


Think Twice

Perhaps the most important concern is whether Cox Communication’s customer service issues will bleed through into this service too. Who wants the same terrible service you receive when your internet goes down to be the same as when your home goes up in flames or a burglar breaks in to steal your valuables? We are not sure we trust them enough to recommend trading off a few dollars in savings for a lack of trust in the security provider.If you are an existing Cox customer it might seem convenient to bundle home security into your existing account. However, we encourage you to consider another option. A technician must install your system as well as each additional item, unlike Protect America’s simple, free, and guided DIY installation method. While Cox’s security bundles certainly appeal to the masses, they seem more interested in self-gain rather than customer service.