Because so many home security plans require WiFi, this seems like a natural progression for Cox Communications to branch out into the home security field. Especially since home burglary is the second most common crime after aggravated assault, according to the FBI. Even after crime went down in the 90s, we saw a spike of 3.9% in 2015, and that spike is still rising today.


Cox Home Security for the Summer Months

If you live in one of the 18 states where Cox provides service, take a look at the options of Cox Home Security. Just because you have signed up to a local Internet Service Provider, doesn’t mean that you have the best home security protections out there. It’s important to measure your options before jumping right in. It’s not hard to get signed up, but make sure that you aren’t unknowingly over your head before you take the dive.

Cox HomeLife offers packages (in addition to their high-speed internet service) from anywhere between $29.99-$44.95, with prices increasing from season to season. If you plan on buying a home security system, remember that June and July are the most common times for burglaries. Internet home security providers offer a lot of deals in the months leading up to summer.

Shocking Home Security Statistics for 2018

Everyone talks about how often a home is broken into in the United States (about every 15 seconds), but that’s not actually the most important home burglary statistic. So what is the most important?

Fully 90% of home burglaries go unsolved. That means your chances of getting your stolen items back are, at best, 1 in 10. This makes it doubly important to stop a home invasion before it starts!

(Understand that “home” crimes don’t just happen in houses–they happen in apartments, mobile homes, and dwellings of all kinds. Bugulars don’t make any distinction between a dwelling you rent and a dwelling you pay mortgage on!)

Here’s another statistic that’s often misunderstood: Simply having a home security system makes you only 33% as likely to get broken into, as someone who doesn’t have one. That number seems a lot bigger (and better for the smart homeowner or renter) when you represent it in a more honest way: Non-secure homes are three times more likely to get broken into as non-secured homes!

Cox Homelife Security: Is It Right For Me?

Cox Homelife Security offers two internet-based plans: The Essential Package and the Preferred Plan.

Their Essential Package includes:

  •  24/7 security monitoring
  • ability to personalize sensors and door chimes
  •  window/door sensors
  •  motion detectors
  •  window decals and yard signs
  • wireless router
  •  texts and email

The Preferred Plan includes all of the above, as well as:

  • Remote Live Video Monitoring
  • The Ability to turn lights, appliances, and climate control on and off
  • 24-hour continuous video recording.

Can the package be divided up by Protect America like it is at Cox? Does it come with free equipment up to $1400 with a 2 year contract if you go through Protect America?

Other Monitored Home Security Protection Plans

You may not live in an area served by Cox. Or, you may just want to check out your options (ABT and Protect America being two of the most popular). But no matter who you choose in the end, be sure you get a monitored solution!

There are plenty of reasons to get a monitored solution. The first is that you simply can’t monitor your own home all the time–especially when you are asleep! A monitored system can in some cases literally mean the difference between life and death. Having a monitored system means that someone is always watching out for you!


By now you’re probably considering your options. Cox is definitely one popular source for monitored home security. Protect America is another one–with its monitored security plans starting out at $19.99, fully $10/month less than Cox. Click here to check out Protect America’s monitored home security plans and see if they’re right for you.