Having a monitored security system in place offers a sense of safety and protection for yourself, and your family or business while you are there- as well as while you are away. These systems become a natural deterrent against burglaries, break-ins, home invasions and other criminal activity. The power of a security system can essentially turn criminals away and on to the next, unmonitored home. In fact, studies show that homes that have an active security monitoring system in place are 33% less likely to get broken into overall.


Whether you are traveling, work a lot, have employees in your home or just want to be able to keep an extra eye on your children, having the ability to remotely access the security features and video monitoring in your home offers an additional layer of safety- and relief. Therefore, investing in a quality home security monitoring system can help bring you peace of mind for the security of your home or business, your family, and your possessions.

What Features are Included in a CPI Home Security System?

Home security packages can be customized for each consumer’s needs, but the most basic of packages will include:

  • Complete perimeter protection around doors and windows of the home- equipped with glass break sensors.
  • Interior motion detection that uses heat and movement to intelligently alert a monitoring professional of a possible intrusion.
  • Live 24/7 video monitoring, equipped with two-way voice capability.
  • Live monitored carbon, heat, and smoke detection equipment to aid in maintaining the safety of household residents.
  • The ability to access all security systems 24/7 via live monitoring apps.

What are the Benefits of Investing in a Security Monitoring System for my Home or Business?

The benefits of investing in a security monitoring system are plentiful and by far, outweigh any cons. Besides the added layer of security to deter burglars and the like- consider these factors as well when you are thinking about putting a security system in place:

  • Security systems can add monetary value to your home. This becomes a consideration for those that are buying, as well as those that are selling the home.
  • You may experience immediate monetary benefits to installing a security system as well. Security alarms that are connected to monitoring services can actually lower homeowner’s insurance payments by up to as much as 20%! When security system monitoring services include monitoring for fire, some insurance companies will factor that into their equation as well when they are figuring out your monthly premium.

Home Automation and other Features

Besides the basic home security features that will keep your home monitored 24/7 and alert you and the security company about break-ins, smoke, fire and the like, consider home automation services to take your home fully into the digital era. Home automation features offer remote access from your phone, tablet or other electronic devices so that you can control and monitor different features in your home including:

  •  HD Video Service
  • Smoke & Fire Monitoring
  • Smart Door Lock Control
  • Garage Door Control
  • Smart Lighting

It’s easy to learn more about home automation and full-on security protection and monitoring systems. Click here to receive a free quote from Protect America and to begin to discover how to protect your home or business easily. Remember that you can tailor-design a system that will work perfectly for your specific needs.