CPI Security is a home security company that offers traditional hardwired security systems, wireless systems and remote control options for home automation. Their equipment is modern and the services CPI provides are comparable to other names in the industry. However, their prices are very high for what they offer, contracts are longer, and the large number of negative reviews for CPI are definitely worth noting before considering their services to safeguard your home and family.


High Prices and Increasing Rates

CPI Home Security packages have professionally monitored devices. However, their monitoring fees are much higher than that of competitors. CPI has a promotional offer for monitoring starting at $29.95 a month. The website says that this promotional price is only for the first three months, but then neglects to relay how much the cost increases after this period. As it turns out if you read the fine print, the increase is up to $49.95 a month for monitoring. That’s almost double the initial price, which is already higher than most.

Warranty, Contracts, and Your Best Alternative

At Protect America, monitoring starts at $19.99 a month. Even Protect America’s Platinum package costs less than CPI’s promotional package price increase. At Protect America, your monthly monitoring agreement is guaranteed a locked-in rate for the life of your contract. While CPI has a five-year (60-month) monitoring contract, Protect America offers a traditional 36-month agreement. Five years is a long time to have a monthly monitoring deal, especially when prices are subject to increase mid-contract.

Short-Term Reliability, Long-Term Troubles

According to page 47 of CPI’s security user guide, they only offer a 12-month warranty on their products. Wait, really? 12 months is all they could give you on your 60-month monitoring agreement? That’s not even enough to cover half the contract. Why would you invest in a home security company that doesn’t guarantee their equipment for your whole contract? A 5-year contract at their prices comes out to about $3000 for services that have fewer options than other companies in the industry. Don’t enable a home security company that isn’t invested in your long-term safety. It seems like the only thing CPI wants is your money, which makes them almost as bad as the burglars you’re trying to avoid.

Limited Availability

CPI only serves a limited area. They offer services to consumers living in the following states:

  • Georgia
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina

This is noteworthy because if you choose to purchase services from CPI and then decide to move to a different state, you’ll have problems. Relocation has been  a reoccurring issue for people who have used CPI in the past. In most cases, people end up canceling services because of a move and CPI requires you to pay 75% of your remaining balance. With a 60-month contract, a cancellation fee can be extremely costly. Consider a home security company like Protect America. We make it simple to relocate, and offer services everywhere in the US. Choosing a national home security company means choosing experience and stability.


Reputation Red Flag

It isn’t difficult to discover a long list of customer complaints, mostly surrounding CPI’s sales practices and hidden fees. Many customers complained of being locked into a 5 year commitment period without ever having been informed of it. Several others complained of hidden upgrade charges and promised refunds that were never delivered. With much better options like Protect America, don’t take your chances on a company that charges among the highest fees in the industry and appears to have a fairly spotty reputation.