The price of Custom Alarm is expected by its customers to be comparable with other companies that offer similar services. Otherwise, the company wouldn’t still be in business. Instead, customers would have moved on to another option that they felt charged less, allowing them to enjoy good monitored home security at a price they were happy about. But even with a comparable cost, that doesn’t mean there’s comparable value — and those two things aren’t the same. Price is how much a homeowner has to pay, and value is the relationship between that price and the quality of service people get for the money they spend.


Great Value is a Goal of Custom Alarm

Custom Alarm wants to make sure that its customers are getting a lot of value for the money they are spending with the company. In order to do that, they are focused on:

  • good customer service
  • quality equipment
  • reliable protection
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • fast response times
  • quick resolution of issues
  • ease of installation

Because the company sees the importance of all of those things, they are able to pass the quality on to the customers. That’s one of the reasons that people like this company more than some others, and why the $35 to $50 per month fee for monitoring isn’t a problem for the majority of homeowners who contract with the company. They don’t mind paying this fee because they know they’re getting something that they might not get — or at least might not get at such a high level — with another company they could choose.

How the Company Compares To Others

Another important point about Custom Alarm is that the company generally compares well when looking at it in relation to other alarm companies. This can be seen through reviews and other customer service information.

All monitored security companies provide similar things to their customers, but exactly how they do that, for what price, and at what level all matter.

With that in mind, it’s important to pay close attention to the true value that a monitored security company is offering. Each and every company is competing with other companies in their local area, along with those that are nationwide. A company needs to stand out in order to be chosen over other options.


The Right Alarm Company Means Peace of Mind

Having peace of mind is the one thing that money really can’t buy and that customers also sort of pay for with a security company that monitors and protects their home. That peace of mind is very important, and the right company can offer it. When homeowners choose the wrong company, though, they can feel as though they really aren’t protected the way they wanted to be. That’s not a good feeling, and one that can be avoided with some research into which company will be best at truly meeting the needs that particular homeowner has.

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