Many customers love having the security an alarm system provides, but they aren’t necessarily happy with the company they have. Other customers love the company they have chosen, and want to stay with it for the long term. One of the companies that people have to choose from is Custom Alarm — which gets mixed reviews from the homeowners who have used it. A lot of them are very happy with everything the company offers, and others have some complaints. But that’s pretty much expected with alarm companies, as a lot of them have long contracts that aren’t popular with every customer. It’s important to take a look at what people are saying about Custom Alarm before making a decision on an alarm company.


Why Customers Choose Custom Alarm

Most customers who choose Custom Alarm and stay with the company like them because they offer good quality security at a price that’s less than some other companies. With so many options to choose from in some areas and fewer options in others, homeowners may not have a big selection to pick from. But whether they have a lot of companies to pick from or only a couple, Custom Alarm is one of the companies that customers head to and choose frequently. The reliability of the alarm company is important, as is the lower price — both of which add up to a good value for the money. When there is a reliable company that customers can trust, that company offers customers peace of mind they can really appreciate.

Does Custom Alarm Have Complaints?

Custom Alarm does have some complaints from its customers. These are most commonly based on the length of the contract, and the difficulty customers have in canceling that contract if they decide they aren’t happy with the company.

While every alarm company has complaints, it’s important to take a careful look at the complaints that have been made and determine whether they are valid.

Not every complaint will matter to a homeowner, as some may not affect them or be relevant to their situation. That’s vital to keep in mind when considering whether the company has complaints about its service or other aspects of its business model. What bothers one customer may not bother another one, so customers have to know what is important to them before they choose a company to work with.


Selecting a Different Alarm Company

Choosing an alarm company is very important. Homeowners who are looking for the right company will want to consider:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • reliable service
  • quality equipment
  • fast response times
  • good customer service

Customers want all of that, along with a good price that provides high value for their security needs. Whether they can get it with one alarm company depends on what all they really need, and what they consider a good price. They may need to find a different alarm company, so they can have a better monitored home security experience.

Next Steps

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