Custom Security Systems has been offering service and installation of commercial and residential electronic security systems since the late 1970’s. They are located in Baton Rouge, and take pride in being the only local home security company with its own UL-listed monitoring station in the area. While Custom Security Systems is an experienced company, they still have reports of customers being very unhappy with their pricing and services. Additionally, they charge high prices and only guarantee their equipment to work for half of their contract length under their limited warrantyConsider a more affordable home security company that is more invested in your long-term safety.

Pricing and Packages

The most basic package starts at about $34.95 a month and the contract lasts for 2 years. 24-months is a little shorter than the usual for a home security contract. However, many consumers might prefer a shorter contract. The problem is they only cover a warranty of 12 months on most items. Their keypads are guaranteed for longer, but what if your panel or a sensor breaks in the 13th month of your contract? You’ll have to buy a new one. Also, Custom Security will charge you an average of $99 in addition to your monthly monitoring plan. The bottom line is: there are more affordable security companies out there. This customer thought Custom Security charged too much for what they offer. Here’s what this Custom customer had to say:

The price of security is too high. Do your homework BEFORE you get into something that can affect your entire family.

Consider a more reliable and affordable home security company, like Protect America. For as low as $19.99 a month, you can get 24/7 professional monitoring to safeguard your home and family. With purchase of monthly monitoring, you can get all of your start-up equipment for free. Even better, your equipment is warrantied for the life of your agreement with us.

Equipment and Application

Custom Security uses Honeywell equipment. Honeywell has definitely made a name for itself, there are some weaknesses that need to be addressed before you finalize your decision in a home security company that uses their products. Since Custom Security uses Honeywell equipment, they use the Total Connect application for their smartphone integration. Honeywell’s Total Connect app has recently added features, but is still playing catch-up in terms of overall practicality and approval. On the other hand, Protect America uses the Simon XT instead. All Simon XT monitoring systems come with has been on the market longer than any other remote access app and is considered a more robust option. This customer was unhappy with the Total Connect app and decided to write this review:

Be very careful that you are not mislead as I was about compatibility with Honeywell’s Total Connect software. This software claims to allow full control of your alarm through both an Internet and iPhone app. Once you sign the contract and install the software you will find that all that works is a basic remote keypad. ALL of the other features that Honeywell demos in their videos and brochures do not work.

Also, before choosing a home security company, make sure the system will actually work with your home. For example, a landline monitored system only works if you currently have a home telephone line. Honeywell equipment is wireless. This might be a conflict depending on the type of system you want.


Your Solution

With all of the guarantees and years of experience, it’s hard not to choose Custom Security Systems to secure your home in or around Baton Rouge, LA. However, choosing a national home security company means choosing experience and stability. If the local guys go out of business, what do you end up with? No service, no warranty, and a lot of wasted time. Consider Protect America, where you can defend your home and your wallet.