D-Link is known best for its routers, but also makes inexpensive security cameras.

If you’re looking for a do-it-yourself camera with no monthly fees, D-Link networked security cameras are worth a look.  They can be installed in your home, connected to power and Wi-Fi and monitored through an app on your Android smart phone, Windows phone, or iPhone.  Cameras can be equipped with motion detectors that will notify you when they detect movement.


Pros of D-Link Security Cameras

  • Inexpensive security solution
  • No monthly subscription fees
  • High-quality product
  • Local storage for recordings
  • Notifications to your phone
  • Automatic software updates
  • Automatic recordings

Cons of D-Link Security Cameras

  • Setting up the D-Link security cameras can be difficult for those that aren’t tech savvy
  • Security flaws can allow for hacking
  • Lack of cloud recording options
  • Connection can drop out, meaning missed alerts
  • No monitoring

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A lack of monitoring means if something happens at your home, there’s nobody watching out to see what’s happening or following up with authorities.  Let’s say there’s a break-in.  With a monitoring service, when the alarm goes off and the camera spots an intruder, there’s someone to call 9-1-1.  With an unmonitored system, you’re on your own.

D-Link cameras come in a variety of styles:

The Guardian

The Guardian is a full 180-degree HD camera provides a wide-eye view or your surrounds and night vision to keep an eye on things when the sun goes down.   Featuring sound and motion detection and two-way audio, a built-in microphone can hear breaking glass and send an alert. Guardian models also can detect when a person or animal comes into range using infrared sensors.

The Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera

If you need more than a locked down wide view, the D-Link pan and tilt cameras allow you to cover large spaces.  Check in on your mobile device from anywhere and pan and tilt the picture to zero in on what you’re looking at.  In addition, the Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi camera has nearly twice the range of The Guardian when it comes to night vision.

The D-Link Classic

The D-Link Classic features sound and motion detection, 15 foot night vision, and a built-in Wi-Fi extender.  It is not, however, a HD camera which means your resolution and quality will be limited.

The D-Link Outdoorsman

In addition to remote viewing, night vision, and motion detection, the D-Link Outdoorsman is Weatherproof.  That means you can use it inside or out to monitor conditions.

Security Systems

You can customize your security setup by connecting up to 4 D-Link cameras to a mydlink Camera Recorder.  This allows for simultaneous streaming, recording, and playbook.  Two USB ports also allow for connecting additional hard drives to expand storage capacity.  By adding additional storage, you can keep recording for approximately 30 days. Video is searchable by camera, day, and time.


In addition to cameras, there are other accessories to round out a security kit, including a window and/or door sensor that tracks temperature and movement, and can detect glass breakage.  There is also a really loud siren with different alarms depending on the type of alert or location.


The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a cheap, do-it-yourself solution, D-Link security cameras might be worth a look.  You get what you pay for, however.  If you’re looking for a monitored security service, this won’t do.  Consider Protect America for 24/7 monitored security to keep your family safe.

With a monitoring service, when the alarm goes off and the camera spots an intruder, there’s someone to call 9-1-1.  With an unmonitored system, you’re on your own.