Home and business owners in the Dallas-Ft Worth metropolitan area have a great electronic security option in Dallas Security Systems. The locally owned and operated firm offers its clients a wide variety of surveillance and detection products that are professionally monitored by its local call center. Dallas Security Systems was founded in 1978 by Dallas police officers, so it has experience identifying and mitigating security threats for local homes and businesses. Here’s what one can expect from Dallas Security Systems.


Complete Home Safety and Security Products and Services

Dallas Security Systems’ business model is a little different from most home security system companies. The firm doesn’t offer packages that have a set number of security products such as:

Dallas Security Systems, instead, sends out a security consultant to prospective clients’ homes to evaluate their unique requirements. The company presents the customer with an itemized list of security appliances, and the customer pays for the listed products based on their security needs and budget. Dallas Security Systems customers own their equipment that Dallas Security Systems installs and monitors for fees.

The company sells non-proprietary, off-the-shelf security appliances and software that can be monitored by other security firms if customers aren’t happy with its service. Dallas offers customers custom solutions that fit their lifestyles. It installs mostly wireless systems for its new accounts, but the company can set up a system that uses a landline rather than cellular phone service.

Dallas Security Systems knows its market, and it provides executive-level residential security to clients who need it. According to Paul O’Donnell, business editor at the Dallas Morning News,

“Texas’s rich got richer in the last year (2017).”

O’Donnell was referring to Dallas-Ft Worth residents such as Alice Walton of Walmart fame, Dallas Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones, and billionaire banker Andrew Beal. Executive security systems at Dallas include closed-caption television (CCTV) monitoring, intercom systems, and emergency phones that are ideal devices for the region’s well-heeled residents.


Commercial Building Access Control and Theft Deterrence Systems

Unauthorized access to buildings has been the source of all types of security incidents around the country. Dallas Security Systems delivers effective access control solutions for commercial buildings and parking garages. These systems are typically comprised of keypads, badges, and card readers that use internet protocol technology. Dallas Security Systems offer sensors that detect attempted theft of copper wiring from buildings, which save property owners thousands of dollars in damage and lost productivity.  All these commercial security devices can be integrated with the company’s CCTV cameras and its UL-listed monitoring service for a comprehensive commercial security system.

How Dallas Security Systems Compares to Protect America’s Security Systems

The products and services that are sold, installed, and maintained by Dallas Security Systems are first-rate. The company, however, operates in a limited service area. To compete against national security companies such as Protect America, it offers open-source security products that other security companies can install, repair, and monitor. If Dallas Security Systems’ customers move out of its service area, its patrons take their purchased equipment with them. The company also advertises that they can monitor other companies’ equipment if their prospective customers don’t have existing contracts with its competitors.

Protect America is a first-class security company that operates nationally. While Protect America’s customers must sign a 36-month contract for $19.99 per month, they get nearly $1,400 in free security equipment that doesn’t require an upfront fee. Protect America ensures that its security package is the best value for customers through its price-match guarantee. This leader in smart home security also has packages that are designed for small businesses. For those who want an affordable security system from a security service provider that operates nationwide, give Protect America a call for more information.