Science fiction has depicted futuristic homes that would be controlled and protected through artificial technology that even predicts crime before it happens. While the current home automation industry has brought a lot of fiction technologies to life, home security has yet to see Artificial Intelligence implemented in the ways that fiction entertainment depicted. But AI-based security company, Deep Sentinel, from Pleasanton, California, is looking to change that.

Deep Sentinel announced they received $74M in Series A funding. Backers of the company included Shasta Ventures, Lux Capital, eBay founder Pierre Omidyar’s UP2398, and participation from Bezos Expeditions, which is the personal investment company of Amazon owner, Jeff Bezos.



Founder of Deep Sentinel, David Selinger, is a serial entrepreneur, and he hopes that his new home security solution will be able to successfully integrate artificial intelligence using algorithms that analyze security camera footage to see patterns, red flags, and predict crime before it happens. This sophisticated AI will also use computer vision and deep learning algorithms.

Deep Sentinel has filed four patents for this new system, and this massive round of funding will help them bring their new technology to life. The product won’t officially launch until next year, and there isn’t an official announcement of how the tools will look. Since the home security space is rather ubiquitous, it’s likely that the products won’t have appear much different than others on the market. .

How Will this AI Be Different from Traditional Home Security?

Deep Sentinel will be entering a home security space that is crowded. The industry is filled with legacy and traditional companies, DIY stand-alone systems, and newer tech equipment that have single-focuses like keeping an eye on pets. Some cameras on the market have also made an attempt at intelligence-based cameras. But Deep Sentinel believes they will stand out from the competition by implementing a holistic approach to security.

The company knows that to truly sell their product to customers, they will have to address consumer needs about privacy, cost, and have the best solution and product on the market. Simply having high-powered and technology driven tools will not be enough to win over customers.

With all of these processes in place, Deep Sentinel insists that they won’t only be a monitoring solution, but they are designed to respond to and deter criminals altogether. The company will be using the technology the auto industry will employ for self driving cars and social media companies use to identify people and objects inside of photos.


What Can We Expect?

Since Deep Sentinel’s products won’t launch until next year, it’s hard to gauge what to expect or how the products will perform in real-life. The company has big goals of implementing artificial intelligence into home security, and no company as of yet has created a solution that is able to predict crime before it happens. Technology in general hasn’t advanced to the next stage of predicting external behavior. The closest we’ve seen is smart home tools that recognize patters that a user themselves has, or internal based behavior and patterns.

Only time will tell how successful Deep Sentinel is, or if they’re able to create a home security solution that resembles science fiction. Since these devices have yet to be implemented, and no other company appears close, we think it’s safe to assume that Deep Sentinel may be more than a year away.

For now, the best approach to home security is sticking with the professionals who have proven and reliable systems that are up and operating today, rather than waiting on a solution of the future.