Defender is a security systems company that supplies video products to the do-it-yourself markets for remote-accessed security systems. Targeting homeowners looking for the lowest cost solution to home security, the company distributes its products through big box merchants and distributors, as well as online retailers. Whether you consider yourself a bit of a techy or you are technologically challenged, reviewing Defender’s product categories against a backdrop of the latest industry predictions for new home security technologies can be useful in making decisions regarding your own home security system needs.


HD Security Systems

Today’s best high-definition security systems offer customers clear, crisp views of their property. HD systems are easy to use and Defender’s product line of HD security systems offers 1080p clarity. The systems promise easy installation and are  widely available. Defender is offering 14 styles of HD security systems with varying numbers and styles of cameras, including standard, bullet and dome. The systems feature remote viewing, night vision and flexible recording. Defender’s free SmartSignal app helps keep customers in touch with access to live views as well as stored video. Instant alerts are sent directly to the customer’s smartphone, providing up-to-the minute insight on what is happening.

They may not be awe-inspiring developments or jaw-dropping new technologies, but the years to come are likely to see continued developments in clarity and optimized camera shape. The cloud will also continue to grow as a home for all that video.

But there are also more significant trends on the horizon, particularly in the further development of artificial intelligence in assessing situations and alerting customers.  You’re likely to see developments that allow the user to receive feedback that everyone has left the house and then set the alarm system remotely, for example.  As noted by the site Electronic House:

“…if some new sound or vibration occurs when it shouldn’t, or the house has more than the usual number of visitors at any given time, the system can send an “anomaly” alert to the owners. So instead of the house just responding to triggers, it responds to patterns – including when certain things do happen, should happen or don’t happen…”

Wireless Security

Secure digital wireless monitoring has a number of applications. Defender’s products promise easy set up as well as a wide range of uses, including not only home security, but other applications such as child or babysitter monitoring.  Defender’s wireless products enable you to put together kits that are expandable up to four cameras, with either remote or monitor viewing of the action.

One of the biggest future concerns with wireless security is likely to lie in increased efforts to ensure anything shared through the system stays private.  Manufacturers and developers will need to develop means for addressing growing concerns over sharing data.


Beyond New Technologies

The home security systems will continue to evolve and utilize some of the latest technologies available. But even new and emerging technologies cannot take the place of a professional system that alerts authorities in case of emergency. Despite incorporating a laundry list of technologies, the remote systems are still relying on you, as the user, to receive the alerts and complete everything.  A professionally monitored security system provides peace of mind and removes the personal burden of watching for alerts by automatically alerting authorities in case of an emergency. Companies like Protect America keep families safe by monitoring homes 24/7 and responding immediately to emergencies.

Protect America provides its customers with locked-in rates starting at only $30 per month and up to $1,400 worth of equipment at no cost, while letting you avoid the installation fees you would have with a DIY remotely monitored system. Find out if a professionally monitored home security is the choice for you. Get a free quote from Protect America today.