Only 17% of homes in the US are equipped with a home security system, leaving them vulnerable to burglars, vandals, and even malicious criminals.


To keep your family and property safe at all times, invest in a state-of-the-art home security system. Whether you spend most of your time at home or if you travel the world for your job or for pleasure, installing a home alarm and security system helps to deter potential burglars by up to 60%. Defiant home security provides solutions that are prepackaged and flexible. Before choosing Defiant as your home security provider it is important to review the pros and cons of what the service has to offer.


Bundle Deals

One perk of Defiant home security is the various bundle deals to choose from when making a selection regarding your home security setup. Choose from packages that are all-inclusive, complete with a central monitoring device, security cameras, and even motion detection equipment. Defiant’s home security systems allow you to set up cameras and other monitoring equipment up to 500 feet from your central monitoring device, providing flexibility and choice. Bundle deals help to save on overall costs while allowing you to purchase all of the equipment and accessories you need with one simplified checkout process.

Save on Monthly Fees

With Defiant home security, avoid installation fees and having to pay a monthly fee for monitoring services. Instead, Defiant home security provides you with the ability to track and monitor your home after a DIY installation is complete. While there are no monthly service fees to utilize the equipment from Defiant, you are also responsible for reporting any incidents that trigger or set off the equipment you have installed.

Cons of Defiant Home Security

Some of the potentially problematic issues to look out for when using Defiant as your home security solution include:

  • Lack of monitoring services, which requires you to properly manage and track any and all alerts you receive on your home security system. If your home is broken into or if your alarm is set off, you are responsible for contacting the appropriate emergency responders without the luxury of automatic reporting and monitoring.
  • Lack of support due to requiring no service fees in order to utilize Defiant’s equipment. Limitations on help and customer support.

Advantages of Monitored Home Security Solutions

If you prefer the peace of mind of having your home monitored at all times, even when you are out, consider a managed monitored home security solution such as Protect America. Protect America is a leading home security provider and a nine-time Consumers Digest Best Buy winner. Without installation fees and with low monthly fees, choosing Protect America is a way to truly provide your family with the safety and protection they deserve. Monitored home security solutions are available 24/7 to immediately alert the property authorities whenever an alarm is set or triggered.


During a break-in, it is not always possible to contact the police or fire department on your own, which is why monitored solutions are often optimal for maximum protection. Whether you are interested in a professional installation or if you prefer to install your security cameras and motion detection equipment on your own, Protect America will work with you to guarantee satisfaction, regardless of your preferences.

Are you looking for home security monitoring and protection 24/7? Do you want to receive instant alerts whenever an alarm is set in your home? Contact Protect America to receive your free quote and to learn more about our equipment and the solutions that are perfect for you today.