In 2016, property damage and loss due to theft accounted for more than $15.6 billion dollars throughout the United States

When you want to add a layer of protection to your home, investing in a home security company is ideal. Choosing the right home security company is a major decision and requires an adequate amount of research in order to make an informed decision. Devcon Home Security offers both residential and commercial security and monitoring services. While Devcon Home Security was once its own company, it has since been acquired by ADT and now provides the same plans, packages, and security equipment as ADT.


Multi-Tier Security Packages

Devcon/ADT offers multi-tier packages and plans that range from $36.99 to $53.99 monthly, ideal for all budgets. The main differences between the packages available from ADT include:

  • Landline: Landline packages require customers to have a landline installed at the property where service is provided, which is less common with the advent of smartphones.
  • Cellular: With cellular-based packages, customers are able to use their smartphones to monitor their home and maintain their security system from any location.

Two-Way Intercom

One of the benefits that ADT has to offer is the ability to use your security system’s central control panel as a two-way intercom. Using the control panel as a two-way intercom is optimal for those who prefer communicating with ADT customer service representatives and technicians while using the control panel itself.

Upfront Costs and Installation Fees

When you are thinking of using Devcon Home Security/ADT as your home security provider, it is important to keep various upfront costs and installation fees you are responsible for in mind. New customers of ADT are responsible for a standard $99 installation fee regardless of the type of security plan or package you are interested in. Additionally, customers are also required to pay various equipment fees and possible rental fees depending on the package you have selected and which tier your package falls under.

Long-Term Contracts

Becoming a new customer of ADT requires you to sign a long-term contract of at least 36 months.

It is also important to note that customers are responsible for moving and transfer fees if you choose to relocate to a new home while you still have an active contract and agreement in place with ADT. If you choose to opt out of your contract and cancel your service with ADT altogether, you may also be subject to cancellation fees. ADT may require you to pay a standard and one-time cancellation fee or you may be required to pay any amount you still owe for the remaining duration of your contract with the company. Before you choose to become a new customer with Devcon Home Security/ADT, it is imperative to thoroughly read any contract or terms and conditions you are required to sign. Discuss your cancellation options and any other potential fees you are responsible for before selecting a home security service that is right for you.

With some companies, you may also be subject to price increases after the first year of your contract has passed. Always read and review contractual agreements you are signing with any company, especially when you are required to maintain service with a business entity for at least 36 months. In many cases, if you are offered a steep discount as a new customer with any new company that involves a contract, you may be subject to a drastic increase in your monthly bill after a set period of time. Be sure to research the “base” price of the service you are receiving to ensure you are capable of affording the security service even after your promotion ends.


While ADT has acquired multiple home security companies and is one of the largest home and commercial security and monitoring service providers in the country today, it does not have the best online reputation. Customer reviews and testimonials regarding ADT often state the company lacks customer service and fails to provide complete customer satisfaction. Additionally, there are rampant complaints regarding the actual equipment that is provided with ADT’s home security packages. Before choosing a home security service that is optimal for your household, be sure to read reviews to learn more about companies you are thinking of entrusting with the safety and protection of you and your loved ones.


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