DGA Security Systems designs and installs customized security systems for businesses. It offers three categories of systems:

  • access control,
  • fire systems,
  • video surveillance.

Since it custom designs each system for a specific business, you won’t find one standard troubleshooting guide online.

System Types

DGA offers commercial security solutions designed for easy operation and comprehensive security protection. It includes environmental hazard detection options. Its designs include interior, perimeter and combination systems that service a building or multiple locations. It provides monitoring for all system types from its 24-hour UL Listed monitoring center in New York City, NY by certified monitoring agents.

Because every system differs, DGA provides telephone support for questions and troubleshooting.

It provides access control systems that use access cards, biometric devices, proximity readers and turnstiles. These allow access control to doors and record the identity of the person accessing the location and the date and time. While access cards can get loaned out, using biometric devices that read fingerprints or retina scans ensure access can’t get loaned.


DGA uses NICET-certified personnel to design its custom fire alarm and sprinkler monitoring systems to meet any building code, fire code or insurance company requirement needed. It also monitors the systems and those designed and installed by other firms.

Its video surveillance installations provide simple to use systems that provide live video feeds and record video, as well. DGA offers OneVIEW, an email system status report.

Troubleshooting Custom Systems

Because every system differs, DGA provides telephone support for questions and troubleshooting. Call 212.221.2300 in the US for assistance. It provides on-site service and support for the systems it designs and installs. It sends the same industry certified technicians who design the systems to troubleshoot and repair them when phone troubleshooting fails to solve the problem.

Protect America Offers More Than Monitoring

Are you interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America by phone or online. The company monitors its own equipment and standalone devices the consumer already installed. Monitoring ensures a trained professional examines the feed at all times.

Protect America offers its security systems and monitoring services to businesses and home owners. It charges no installation fees and provides locked-in rates and a price-match guarantee. Consumers can purchase a monitoring plan for only $30 per month. The minimum contract length is 36 months for its 24-hour, 7 days a week professional monitoring service. Consumers Digest awarded Protect America the Best Buy award nine times. Protect America can add what DGA doesn’t provide, such as window and door sensors to detect glass breaks or forcing.


The firm began offering its nationwide services in 1992. Protect America has grown quickly and now ranks as the 14th largest residential home security company in the United States. Protect America remains committed to providing quality protection and security services to businesses and homes through monitored home security. DGA serves NY and its immediate surrounding area with a focus on New York City. If you moved from the DGA service area, you can still use the equipment purchased from it through Protect America. You can also get a free set of security equipment from Protect America which provides a direct-to-consumer service, sending individuals and businesses their systems and guiding them through the do-it-yourself installation over the phone. The consumer gets up to $1,400 in security equipment under the 36 month contract. If the consumer can find a better deal, the company offers a Price Match Guarantee.