DirecTV is a leading satellite provider in the US, offering hundreds of channel options and completely customizable packages to fit any lifestyle. In addition to providing satellite options, DirecTV now also offers home security systems through LifeShield. Before choosing a LifeShield home security plan and package that is right for you, compare the pros and cons to feel comfortable with and confident in any decision you make for your household.

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    Did you know that 83% of burglars check a home’s perimeter for home security systems before attempting a break-in? An additional 60% have admitted that having a home security system deters them entirely from a property.

    Pros of LifeShield Home Security

    LifeShield offers an array of advantages that separate the company from other home security companies available today. Some of the biggest pros of using LifeShield as your home security solution include:

    • Free equipment: Avoid paying for each piece of equipment you choose to implement with your home security system when choosing LifeShield. Many home monitoring companies and providers require customers to purchase security equipment such as cameras, motion detection devices, and even door sensors before service can be activated.
    • No upfront costs are required in order to activate services and begin protecting your home, allowing you to get your home security system up and running in less time altogether than alternative solutions.
    • The option of professional or DIY installation is available for maximum flexibility when setting up your home security system.
    • No landline is necessary or required from the company itself in order to activate and use LifeShield’s home security system.
    • 24/7 monitoring and alert services are provided to all active customers.

    Cons of LifeShield Home Security Systems

    • A three-year minimum is required when signing a new contract with LifeShield for all customers
    • Poor customer service and reviews are reported with LifeShield
    • A credit check is required for all new customers who are interested in any service provided from LifeShield, which is unappealing to some who are not comfortable moving forward with a credit check before receiving service.
    • If you are a new customer and you are no longer interested in utilizing LifeShield as your home security solution, you are provided with a 15-day grace period upon signing your contractual agreement. If you choose to cancel your service from LifeShield after your original grace period has passed, you are subjected to possible termination and cancellation fees.
    • Moving fees may also apply to all customers, regardless of the length of your contract and how long you have used LifeShield as your home monitoring solution. Even if you are interested in simply reconnecting your service at a new location, you may be subject to moving fees.

    Choosing a Monitored Home Security Solution

    When you want to maximize the amount of protection your household receives with your home security system, opt for a monitored solution. A monitored home security solution provides you with 24/7 monitoring and the ability to receive instant alerts whenever equipment is triggered or set off both inside and outside of your home or property.


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