Home security systems are really expensive. The payments can add up when the home owner is not too careful with the balance. That is where the choice between having a safe home and having enough money to live for the month. But do not worry, there are ways to get discounts for good home security systems. Protect America did a little homework with finding out the ways to a discount and how home owners can save money. They have listed off a number of tips.

  • Look at the different features
  • Look for coupons
  • Ask questions
  • Talk to the Insurance Company
  • Keep Eyes on Deals


Look at the Different Features

Features can make or break plans for home security. Some of them are included as part of the plan itself. Others, you might have to pay extra for them. Different plans have different features that have different levels. Company-monitored security and self-monitored security both have the same and different features for varying prices. Depending on what the home owner needs for the different features and what type of plan that they want.

Look for Coupons

These home security companies know that the home owner cannot always afford the system they need to feel safer. Which is why they will sometimes offer deals and coupons to help secure peace of mind for the home. ADT, for example, has a page of specials to help potential customers be able to buy a home security system. These companies want to give home owners security and safety for their homes. They too understand that people want to save money and protect their homes. It does not hurt to browse your home security site of choice to look for little coupons that help save money.

Ask Questions

Asking questions can end up helping to save money. When a home security salesman calls to make a sale of home security, the home owner should dive in with the questions that they have. How much will it cost for repairs? Will it work in the type of home they will live in? What if they have blank? What kind of features are sold? Will it work for natural disasters? Does the company have deal and discounts on certain days? It does not take too long to ask a number of questions to learn more facts about the type of home security system they might want to buy. Once all of the questions are asked, there might be a chance to help save money. Do not be afraid to speak up and ask questions.


Talk to the Insurance Company

The tip above about asking questions also applies to the insurance company. It does not take much time to make a call to the insurance company and ask questions. Homeowners can save up to about 15 to 20% just for installing a comprehensive home security system Peace of House said that a survey of the ten largest insurance companies was carried out by Electronic Security Association in 2014. It was quoted that,

They found that the discount could be up to 20% for a monitored alarm system especially when linked with fire, water detectors.

Depending on the insurance company, they can offer discounts for certain security systems. In spring of 2013, SimpliSafe said that State Farm offered a 10% discount. Cover Hound adds that adding a home security system saves more on insurance and the home owner can get a discount for their system if they ask. The insurance company can offer discounts on certain monitored security systems. The home owner will not know this unless they ask questions.

Keep Eyes on Deals

Again, the home security system companies know that not all home owners can afford a state of the art security system. As a result, they will offer deals at different times of the year. Protect America offers 20% off on their best deals. Currently, they also HD camera for $19.99 for the spring. Visit the website of home security systems to see what type of deals they are offer at different times around the year. Chances are, a home owner can get lucky and find the right deal that will help save money.