DIY home security systems, or do-it-yourself home security systems, refer to devices that detect intrusion into a residence and are usually installed by users themselves. A DIY home security system can refer to a wide variety of tools and equipment that are produced by companies or made by users themselves. One of the simplest and most effective DIY home security solutions is a wireless home security system.

DIY Home Security System Overview

There are a lot of benefits to DIY home security systems, like reducing the number of false alarms. Law enforcement experts routinely point to false alarms as one of the biggest issues facing police. To combat this problem, many jurisdictions are charging homeowners for false alarms. Fines usually start at $75 and can reach into the thousands after multiple offenses. A DIY home security solution, like a wireless home security system, can dramatically decrease the number of false alarms. Customers tend to operate their security systems more effectively when they’ve gone through the installation process and learned how to use their alarms.

There are a few alternative options for diy home security, like rigging non-lethal trip lines to bells or sirens. People skilled with carpentry and metal work can have amazing success creating their own door jambs and reinforced doors, which protects against smash-and-grab burglaries that account for nearly 60 percent of break-ins.

DIY Home Security Systems Review

When looking for a diy home alarm system, customers will have two options: monitored and non-monitored. A non-monitored DIY alarm system will require the user to receive alarm notifications and take action on their own. If an alarm goes off, the user is notified by phone or email and it’s up to them to take action from there. Monitored DIY alarm systems send alarm signals to a central monitoring location where an expert determines whether or not to call police. Either option is a dramatic improvement over security systems that are installed by a professional technician, which are prone to a higher rate of false alarms.

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