Doberman Security offers a line of home, office and personal defense products.  It employs security analysts, researchers and engineers who develop security equipment for a variety of situations.  When it comes to home security products, Doberman Security is a viable contender in the do-it-yourself market. Here are some of its products as well as the benefits and disadvantages of using Doberman Security for home defense.

Window and Door Motion Detectors

Doberman Security offers a number of alarm products for windows, doors and home interiors.  Most of these pieces of equipment use magnetic circuit technology. Alarms for windows and doors are activated when security devices and their included magnets are attached to metal window and door frames.  When the magnetic connection is broken because of an intruder, a loud alarm sounds. In addition to its magnetic-based alarm products, Doberman Security sells a portable interior motion detector that can mounted in the following places:

  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Interior furnishings

When motion is detected, a piercing alarm will sound.  Customers can purchase a wireless door alarm with a remote so that they can turn their system on and off without triggering the alarm sensors.


Help Button Alarm

Many senior citizens are living more independently than in previous years.  However, many fall in their homes due to slippery bathroom tubs and showers.  These accidents can lead to head injuries and serious bone fractures. When seniors fall, it’s best to act fast to get them the care that they need to heal.  Installing Doberman Security’s Help Button Alarm in key places around the home assures that injured seniors or disabled persons can attract help when they face distress.

All they must do is press a large red Help Button, and a very loud alarm will sound that can be heard by the home’s inhabitants and perhaps some keen neighbors. Protect America has a similar panic alarm pendant that seniors can wear. When its medical panic button is pressed, emergency health professionals are dispatched to the home.

Moisture Sensor

Homeowners know that excess moisture due to roof and plumbing leaks is the enemy of a healthy living environment. Moisture damage to wood framing and flooring can lead to costly repairs.  However, the most important reason to eliminate excess moisture in a home is because of mold. Mold spores can multiply and cause dangerous respiratory illnesses for a home’s inhabitants. Effectively cleaning mold once it has spread throughout a home can be nearly impossible.
EPA analysts stated in a published report,

“Mold [spores] can be found almost anywhere; they can grow on virtually any substance, providing moisture is present.”

Doberman’s Moisture Sensor detects the presence of water and sounds an alarm when there is a leak.  Its peel-and-stick design allows users to put the device on walls, ceilings or basement flooring. It’s a first line of defense against mold growth in a home.

Pool Alert

Pools are a magnet for children who love to splash around in the water throughout the summer months. However, parents who have younger children must be particularly mindful of pool safety. Recently, a super-cute, two year old boy surprised his parents and the world with his climbing skills as he to sought to enter an above-ground pool that had a locked safety ladder in place.  The parents videotaped the determined child and grabbed him just before he reached his desired destination.

This story has become too common, and concerned parents can now add an extra layer of protection to their pool with Doberman Security’s Pool Alert. The Pool Alert senses when a secured pool gate has been opened, and it sounds a loud alarm.


How Doberman Security Stacks Up to Protect America’s Monitored Home Security?

Most of Doberman Security’s products are used to scare away intruders with loud noises.  Its individual home security products and packaged kits come with stickers and signs that advertise that the home is protected by Doberman Security.  However, Doberman Security’s bark is bigger than its bite. The alarm system isn’t connected to a monitored security call center that will dispatch help during a robbery or home invasion.

Protect America offers similar security products that are connected to a 24-hour monitoring service where security professionals will call law enforcement when alarms sound.  With its 36-month contract, Protect America offers fixed-rate monitoring, $1,400 worth of free equipment and free system installation. For a home defense system that brings complete peace of mind, call Protect America for a free quote.