When you want to protect your home, a door alarm is a simple and often inexpensive first-step solution. A quick search of Home Depot’s website will show you over 100 different door alarms to choose from, ranging in price from the $6.66 TECHKO Wireless Glass Vibration Sensor Door Window Alarm to the $870 ABB Welcome Door Entry System Single Family Kit, which can be configured to work with your smartphones and tablets. Before you shop, determine your security needs and the level of protection you desire.


Things to Consider Regarding Door Alarm Security

  • How many doors/windows do you want to alarm?
  • Do you want the alarm(s) to be portable or mounted?
  • What is the ideal range of security/motion detection?  For example, do you want to monitor an entire driveway, or just the front door’s opening and closing?
  • Will you be able to hear any alerts from you bedroom or other rooms in the home?

That last point is essential: many people don’t realize that the door alarm is only as effective as your ability to react to it.  As the security blog Your Local Security points out:

Though door alarms are a key part of a full security system, they are not always enough on their own.
While these alarms may alert you that an intruder is trying to break in, and alert the intruder that there
is some kind of security system set up, generally no one else is alerted by this alarm. Neighbors may
hear the alarm, but it doesn’t mean they’re going to react.

Consider a Home Monitoring System

Door alarms are great home security tools, but as part of a whole-home monitoring system, their usefulness is greatly increased. There are many home security monitoring systems on the market, and Protect America in particular will not only alert emergency services if a door alarm is triggered, but can monitor carbon and smoke, as well. Plus, what is the good of a door alarm if no one is around to hear it (or, if someone does hear it, that person will not or cannot respond)? When you have a company like Protect America monitoring your home, you can be sure that assistance will be dispatched in the case of an emergency, even when you are not home or your kids are sitting in the basement playing videogames with headphones on, oblivious to the world around them.


The Cost of Safety

Of course, a home monitoring system will be more expensive than a simple door alarm – but consider the cost versus benefit tradeoff. Not only does a monitored home security system provide more protection, it could actually save you money in the long run.  Consider the fact pointed out by the New York Times that many insurance companies offer discounts on homeowner’s insurance and coverage for valuables to people with monitored home security systems.

Protect America offers 24/7 home monitoring at a locked-in price, with no installation fees and a price-match guarantee. You can have the peace of mind that only home monitoring can provide for as low as $30 per month. And most important to savvy consumers, Protect America is a nine-time Consumer’s Digest Best Buy Winner.

A door alarm might work best for you, and you can find simple door alarms of all types and prices at Home Depot, but when you want to be serious about your security, consider home monitoring from Protect America. Call today for your free, customized quote to get an itemized breakdown of your security system options and learn about great deals you won’t find online with other companies.