Protecting your home and family from intruders is no joke and something we take very seriously here at Protect America. We want to empower our customers to take the necessary steps to create a safe and secure home. One way to do that is with The Door Club home security lock device.


This device is superior to chain locks and deadbolts and is known to resist even the strongest direct force.

Get Started with The Door Club Lock Installation

If you want to get started and take the necessary steps to prevent burglars and intruders from kicking in your door, we are sharing a quick, easy guide for installation.


  • Door stop that goes into the drilled hole in front of the door. This is what stops the door from opening.
  • Storage bracket that you mount on the back of the door to hold the door stop in place when it is not in use.
  • Post holder, anchor piece that you drill the hole for. This will reinforce the door stop.
  • Floor plate that adds anchor points.
  • Metal kick plate that gets screwed on to the door itself. The door stop rests up against it.

Of course, installation timing depends on your skill level, familiarity of the product and the material you’re working with.

1. Install the post holder

  • Find the center of the door. Measure the door carefully as you only get one chance to make sure it’s in the proper position to secure the door from intruders.
  • Measure 2 inches out from the door itself, not the door scraper. This part is important because you don’t want to leave any extra room that leaves any wiggle room for intruders.
  • Drill the single ¼ inch hole to a depth of 2 ¾ inches.
  • Drop the door stop into the hole make sure it fits snug. You’ll also want to keep it there for the next step.

Pro Tip: It’s suggested to use a ¼ inch drill bit as a pilot hole followed by the ¾ inch drill bit.

2. Affix the metal kick plate to the back of your door

  • Mark your drill holes on the back of your door. These holes should match up with the door stop that you dropped into the hole.
  • Using your drill holes as guides, drill the metal kick plate onto the back of your door.

Pro Tip: The drill bit required for kick plate is an inch.


3. Mount the storage bracket

The storage bracket is a holder to keep the door stop when you don’t need it in place and ready to prevent intruders.

  • Mark your drill holes on the door above the metal kick plate.
  • Drill the storage bracket into the back of your door approximately 1 ½ inches above the metal kick plate.

When you want to secure your door, drop the door stop down inside the post. Now, your door isn’t going anywhere and it’s locked in place so you can rest easy knowing your house and family is safe.

And that’s it. Easy as 1-2-3 to install The Door Club® lock.

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