Putting your trust in a security company can at times feel overwhelming, especially with the growing number of service providers available on the market today. With 19% of all 7.9 million property crimes in 2016 labeled as “burglaries”, it is no wonder that home security is an expanding industry. When you are comparing home alarm systems, consider pricing along with other requirements such as installation fees and contractual agreements before making a decision that is right for you and your family. Doyle Security is a leading home security provider with both pros and cons of using their service. The more you understand about each home security monitoring system you are interested in, the easier it becomes to choose the right provider that instills comfort and confidence in your decision. Here is a complete guid of Doyle Security prices.


Doyle Security Plans and Protection Services

Doyle Security not only works with residential customers but also those working in a commercial business who require security monitoring and protection services. Using CTTV cameras along with a central access panel is a way to keep a close eye on both interior and exterior areas of any sized property. Safe and lock services are also available with Doyle Security for an additional monthly fee (depending on the setup you request and the equipment you require for the security you have in mind). Doyle Security is also known to provide emergency responses at an extremely fast rate, as they own and operate a listed emergency response center of their own in the state of New York.  Other traditional security services provided include:

  • Window and door sensors with motion detection abilities
  • CCTV cameras for both indoors and out
  • Emergency response services
  • Safe and lock services for an additional fee

No Money Down Required

One of the benefits of using Doyle Security is not being required to invest with “money down” in order to obtain the security equipment and service you need. Doyle Security does not require money down initially and also provides free installation which can often range anywhere between $100 to more than $1200 when first installing your new security system.


Long-Term Contractual Agreements

When signing on with a new security company you may find yourself prompted to sign a contractual agreement. With Doyle Security, new customers are required to sign a three-year long-term contractual agreement, binding you to Doyle Security for the duration of the contract itself. If you are unsure about which security company you want to use for years or even decades to come, consider searching for alternative providers that do not require long-term contracts to begin service.

Are you ready to upgrade your home’s current state of protection with a top of the line home security system? Visit ProtectAmerica.com to learn more about our equipment and plans that are readily available to all new and current customers. Get your free quote today at ProtectAmerica.com to speak directly with one of our professional representatives who are eager to work with you to meet all of your security needs.