Doyle Security is a New York-based home security provider. Despite being in operation for decades, they are still a smaller firm with very limited regional availability. To decide if Doyle Security is a good fit for your home or business, you should get customer feedback via 2018 reviews.

Limited Availability

Doyle Security only serves a small portion of residents in the Upper New York State area. Unless you live in the Rochester or Albany area, you won’t be eligible to receive services. Also, if you plan to move out of the area, you will have to switch providers.


As of 2018, there was no news of the company expanding their service areas. Buying home security from a local company has a few major drawbacks including:

  • More rate increases
  • Increased outages
  • Higher risk of the company being bought out or folding

High Cost

With the competitiveness in the field of home security, you would think Doyle Security would reduce their costs. Unfortunately, their prices are some of the highest in the field. Customers are required to pay for equipment along with a monthly fee. You are also expected to sign a 36-month contract. As a reviewer from Best Home Security points out:

“Doyle, however, locks customers in for 3 years which is unusual based on their upfront costs.”

Although Doyle Security does have a monthly plan for as low as $25, the package is extremely basic and only includes monitoring through door and window sensors. For advanced features such as application support, video monitoring, and home automation control, you’ll need to pay much more monthly under your contract. Alternatively, Protect America has a lower entry-level package starting at $20 with more inclusions.

Poor Sales Tactics

One of the most frequent complaints of Doyle Security is their aggressive sales tactics. They have a reputation of not listening to the customer and permitting little to no customization. As one Angie’s List reviewer of the company reported:


“Didn’t listen closely to what my goals were (wanted a non-wired solution). Kept focusing on the old wired system and proposed building off of that.”

Protect America puts control in the hands of the homeowners. Packages are customizable with our customer support team always available to help. Equipment pieces are shipped quickly and DIY installation allows for the security system to be up and running in no time at all.

Don’t settle for a home security provider that is poorly received by their customer base. Contact Protect America today to see how we can best serve you. We employ the latest technology to ensure not only is your home protected from burglaries, but also emergency personnel are quickly alerted in the case of fires and carbon monoxide exposure. Request a free quote online today.