Is there any industry more important when becoming a property owner than that of the world of home security? Home security monitoring has been an industry on the rise for several decades now. Thanks to the continual push toward technological advancement, home security systems are becoming more elaborate and affordable than ever. This continual trend of home security improvement is a positive thing and it could be a game changer for homeowners all over the country. Today, we are going to focus our discussion specifically on the team at DSC Home Security. We are going to discuss the benefits of their security systems, the quality of their equipment, and whether or not they should be in consideration for property owners.

Securing Your Home: Value In The Process?

Home security systems are no longer only for the wealthy. As we pointed out above, changes and advancements in technology have made home security monitoring systems more affordable and effective than ever — and this is huge. According to home security professionals, there are numerous reasons that a home security system is more important than ever.

According to research, over 80% of burglars will case a property for a home security system before deciding whether or not to attempt a break-in. Homes with a security system have fewer break-in attempts than those without a security system. Simply having security installed can be a great deterrent for criminal behavior.

We understand that home security is important. for a number of different reasons but the biggest reasons are simple: peace of mind and personal safety. With those two aspects on the line, we need to know that we have a great security company watching our back. This leads us to our specific discussion on Digital Security Controls, or DSC Home Security.

Digital Security Controls: A Variety of Different Features

Digital Security Controls, often shortened to just DSC, has been a player in the security industry for years. Digital security Controls are mostly well known for their manufacturing of security alarm systems for both commercial and residential properties. With that being said, DSC is working hard to get into the industry as a supplier of alarm systems on the customer service side as well.

DSC was established in 1979 and the company has its headquarters in Toronto. Right now DSC is represented in over 140 countries around the world and they are continually working to push their products into newer and newer demographics. With their success over the years, DSC Home Security has been able to focus on creating innovative security solutions. When looking for a home security system, a company like DSC will be able to manufacture some of the most important aspects of the system and those include the following:

  • Wired and Wireless Home Security.
  • Motion Detectors
  • Touchscreen Panels
  • Smoke, Motion, Flood and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Digital Security Control offers everything that a customer could want or need out of their home security system and they do it with panache, giving great technology. The primary benefits of shopping with DSC include their affordability, system flexibility, and solid selection of products. Unfortunately, even these positives can be outweighed when the negatives start to stack up.

The biggest issue with DSC Home Security is that their hardware tends to become outdated rather quickly. DSC also pushes all front-end support for their hardware down the line until customers are working with the dealer, not the manufacturer. When it comes to securing our own homes, we like to know that the companies we work with will at least have strong customer service to offer us in times of need.


Acquire Proper Home Security Monitoring Today

As was easy to see due to the content of our discussion, the search for proper home security monitoring is one that will take a bit of work. Home security is incredibly important in today’s technological age and as a result, we highly advocate that property owners turn to companies that are looking to push the envelope with high-quality products and effective security solutions. Protect America continues to serve as one of the top security monitoring companies in all of North America and a free estimate is just a phone call away.