Home Security


These days, there are a lot of companies selling home security systems. It’s no wonder, really, because they have many benefits. They can deter crime, help recover stolen goods and even save a homeowner money on home insurance. As pointed out in an article from the New York Times, [The Insurance Information Institute says the average discount is 15 to 20 percent].

There was a time when a home security system was pretty basic–there were contacts on the front and back doors and a loud siren went off when those doors were opened. These days, the capabilities of home security systems are greatly expanded, and this leaves a homeowner with many options to choose from, both in terms of alarm configuration and monitoring. Take Eagle Security Systems, for example.

Eagle Security Systems

Eagle Security Systems provides security systems and monitoring with a good deal of flexibility. Five of their best security options are:

  1. Door and window sensors that detect opening or entry
  2. Motion detectors that sense any movement within covered areas of your home
  3. Timers that turn lights on/off on a schedule
  4. Panic buttons to instantly trigger your alarm when a threat occurs
  5. Exterior pre-alarm devices which can warn you if someone is getting close to your home

All of these options can be combined in many different ways to create a custom system to meet the particular security needs of a given home. For some people, door and window sensors and a panic button will give them peace of mind. For others, the pre-alarm devices and motion detectors will give the system that added boost that makes them feel safe. Another feature that can be paired with the home security system is the security cameras that Eagle Security Systems can provide.

Eagle Security Systems has been providing residential security systems in Northern California since 1979. They offer service response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and they have a workforce that is drug free and professionally trained. Eagle Security Systems is well known for their community involvement throughout Northern California. In addition to security protection, they offer fire and carbon monoxide detection alarms, water sensors and medical alert pendants as well as home automation features.


Protect America

Another option is Protect America. Protect America offers very similar options, with door and window sensors, motion detectors and cameras. The real difference, however, is in the high-tech control system, including a touchscreen interface and smart device connectivity. Protect America offers 24/7 professionally monitored home security with no installation fees. Unlike the competition, they offer locked-in rates and even guarantee to match prices. Prices start at $30 a month and systems can include as much as $1,400 in free equipment.

More than just a security company, Protect America offers smoke detectors and a full range of home automation products. The Z-Wave technology seamlessly integrates home automation in the the security system. The system can even interface with an Amazon Alexa for easier control.

From humble beginnings in Texas over 25 years ago. Protect America has grown into a respected company with a great reputation in the industry, having secured hundreds of thousands of homes across all 50 states and Canada. They are ranked #1 on security review sites like BestCompany.com, HomeSecuritySystems.net, and Top Consumer Reviews. They are a nine-time Consumers Digest Best Buy winner. So before you get a home security system anywhere else, you should get a quote from Protect America today!