EBay is one of the largest online marketplace services to offer services to both buyers and sellers today. In the first quarter of 2018, eBay still boasted more than 171 million active users worldwide, making it a leading community for online shoppers and sellers alike.


Using eBay to search for home security cameras provides you with freedom and flexibility while browsing for specific camera types, features, and functionality. Before purchasing the home security cameras you need for your household, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you are satisfied with your decision.

Research Sellers and Store Reviews

EBay is a massive online marketplace that allows sellers to share their listings in little time, providing shoppers with an abundance of options regardless of the items they are looking to buy. Using eBay is a great way to find security cameras and equipment for your home at a discounted price. Before making a purchase using eBay, it is highly recommended to research a seller’s history to determine whether or not they have mostly positive reviews and testimonials. Avoid purchasing home security equipment from sellers without a history or highly positive rating, as this may lead to faulty or incompatible equipment that simply does not work for your home.

Things to keep in mind when shopping on eBay:

  • Seller ratings and feedback left
  • Check brand names of security equipment to verify you are not purchasing “off brand” items at higher prices
  • Compare equipment prices from multiple sellers
  • Review compatibility of all home security equipment and devices before making a purchase

Camera Requirements

Before making a purchasing using eBay, learn more about the security cameras you are interested in and whether there are prerequisites to using them once they arrive. Some home security equipment can only be utilized with specific home security providers, which is why it is imperative to research the makes and models of all of the cameras you are thinking of installing throughout your home. Verify the cameras and security equipment you are interested in using are compatible with the type of home monitoring system or provider you are interested in utilizing yourself.

Cost of Service or Monitoring Equipment

Compare the cost of service or monitoring equipment across the board before making a purchase using eBay. If the equipment you are thinking of purchasing requires you to sign a contract with a company not available near you, avoid checking out and attempting to set up the system itself.

Always search for equipment that is compatible with the type of setup you are interested in, whether you prefer a DIY monitoring solution or if you are in need of a 24/7 monitoring company. Always factor in your needs and the needs of your family before making an investment in equipment that may be outdated or incompatible with the overall setup you have in mind for your household.


With more than 2.5 million burglaries reported annually in the United States, implementing a home security system for your own household is one way to drastically decrease your chances of being vandalized. Using a monitored service such as Protect America is an optimal solution if you are interested in low monthly fees, flexible security packages, and eliminating installation fees altogether. Having your home monitored 24/7 is essential to gain peace of mind regardless of the neighborhood you live in.

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