In business for 35 years, Electronix Systems is a local security service provider that is based out of Long Island and primarily services New York customers. Their basic services include Honeywell technology, including installation for three openings, one motion detector, and a back-up battery.

Electronix Systems

The Cost of Electronix Systems

Electronix Systems does not put any of their financial information upfront. That means that customers need to contact them directly to find out what the installation, equipment, and service is going to cost them. This is bad because it means that customers have no way of comparing their costs. Electronix Systems can charge customers whatever they want.

By all accounts, Electronix Systems has fair pricing for their monitoring service. But they do charge quite a lot for the actual installation and equipment. And the company’s cancellation, moving policies, and contract terms are not explicitly stated. Therefore, customers could end up spending a large amount for the installation of their equipment and get locked into a lengthy contract at the same time.

The cost of Electronix Systems likely relies upon:

  • The type of contract that the customer desires.
  • How many openings their home has.
  • Whether they want continual monitoring.
  • The type of Honeywell keypad and control panel.

If you want to lower the cost of an Electronix System, you may need to either  apply for the basic plan or sign a lengthier contract. Because this service uses Honeywell products just as many other services also do, it’s possible that the identical system can be purchased through another provider.

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Electronix Systems Financing

Because the security systems can be expensive, Electronix offer financing options. 100 percent of the installation can be financed, but this also means that the business owner is on the hook for the entire amount. While other companies might waive some of their installation and equipment fees, business owners may need to finance the entirety of the equipment.

Overall, Electronix Systems is considered to be a fairly reliable but expensive provider. Homeowners and business owners can expect to pay a premium for the installation and the equipment, which means they’re going to need a lot of cash upfront. Alternatively, commercial customers can feel free to finance through Electronix Systems, with the knowledge that this financing is going to ultimately cost them much more.

If you want a more affordable system that doesn’t cost as much to install, contact the experts at Protect America.