In the United States, only 17% of all homes have a security system. And, the 83% of homes without a security system are three times more likely to be a victim of a home invasion.

Elite Home Security’s business model focuses upon both the commercial and residential security marketplaces. As such, they offer a security system that protects your office (or warehouse) as well as your home and the property it sits on. Elite Home Security is known for their expertise in providing installed security systems that are capable of total access.

At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security. Jodi Rell

Introducing the Elite Home Security System

Elite Home Security offers consumers and business numerous straightforward products – like single door access control, to more complex security systems that collectively manage a variety of alarms, doors and windows.

When you install an Elite Security System, it immediately reduces unknown worries and replaces it with peace of mind. The purpose of their home security systems is to provide protection from:

  • Fire
  • Intruders, and
  • Carbon monoxide leaks, among other dangers.

A monitored Elite Home Security System is the ideal way to prepare your home so that you and your family are able sleep soundly each night. The Elite Home Security System can include features to allow you to check in on your home when you are away. At its bare basics, a home security system should allow the homeowner to a) receive a monitoring service every day, all day, all year and b) added features that allow you look-in on your home when roaming around town or across the world on a vacation. In other words, an Elite Home Security System protects your family, home or business at every moment, no matter where you are.

The Elite Home Security System includes strategically placed motion detectors. When triggered, these motion detectors signal Elite’s monitoring service, the local authorities, or both, which is contingent upon your preference. The more complex security systems offered by Elite Home Security offer the option of the use of cameras that can be monitored from a central location or through the Internet.

Elite Home Security – The Cool Stuff

Elite Home Security masterfully installs complete access and control to its owner.

Recently, Elite Home Security Systems began to offer an innovative product known as the Ring Spotlight Cam. This additional device that has been added to their product line integrates a light, a camera and a siren to create an effective security feature that shines on those hard to reach ‘nooks and crannies’ in and around your home or business being monitored.

The Ring Spotlight Cam’s sensors have the capacity to detect motion within a 270-degree radius. The sensors are adjustable so a homeowner an increase (or reduce) sensor sensitivity. In addition, the sensors can be placed on a timer so they are active on specific days or within a predetermined timeframes.

Elite Home Security – The Bad Stuff

Elite uses high pressure door-to-door sales tactics to sell most of their equipment and services. This wouldn’t normally represent a bad point toward the actual service, but Elite has a history of poor communication between their sales reps and their customer service department. They also have a distinct lack of transparency with their terms and sometimes will flat out lie to close a sale.

Another thing we didn’t like about Elite is how they have their customer support set up. They drag you through an automated system and make you jump through hoops before you ever talk to anyone and make it difficult to get any help.


The basic home security system offered by Elite Home Security starts with a monthly fee of $49.99. This basic model is the fee for only home protection. If you would like a basic home automation package, the Elite Home Security System’s monthly fee increases to $54.99. Finally, the Elite Home Security costs $64.99 per month should you wish to install both the home automation and home protections. It is noted that Elite Home Security’s pricing is above the industry average.

The Take-away

Elite Home Security offers a guarantee that they will correctly install their security system on the first try, however, they have not yet registered with the BBB. Additionally, there are unenthusiastic reviews online that should trigger you to take a cautious approach, if you wish to install their security system.


If you begin to hesitate because of the pricing, or the less-than-positive-online-reviews for Elite Home Security, it might be time to reach out to Protect America for a free quote. Check out their website to review equipment options and pricing plans to discover how Protect America can meet your home security needs.