Nationwide in 2016, more than 7.9 million property crimes were reported throughout the US.

While violent crimes have drastically dropped in the past two decades, property crime is still more prevalent than ever, motivating homeowners more than ever to invest in home security. Implementing home security cameras, motion detectors, and other devices is not only useful for protecting you and your household from potential crimes, but it is also essential if you are seeking peace of mind while you are in your home at any time.  Elk home security offers a variety of security products and solutions to compare before making your decision with the type of home security system that is right for you.

Home Security Products

Elk Home Security provides an entire catalog of products they have to offer, ranging from standard security equipment to wireless devices, batteries, and other accessories that are available to add to any security system setup you have in mind for your own home. Speakers, sirens, key FOB systems, alarms, and even rechargeable batteries are all available with Elk Home Security. One of the benefits of Elk Home Security is the ability to browse through an entire catalog of security equipment and accessories along with “universal” add-ons that work with most standard security installations and setups available today.

Elk Home Security Options

Elk Home Security is optimal for individuals who are already familiar with security products and equipment and for those who are interested in purchasing parts for a home security system that is already installed within the home. Using Elk Home Security is ideal if you are sure of your purchase and the type of security equipment you are searching for and simply need to place an order on your own. Before using Elk Home Security it is important to learn more about the equipment you are in need of and the type of security system you are currently working with or interested in modifying.

For those who have a fascination with home automation and improving home security without a company or contract in place, using Elk Home Security is one location to get started. Research and compare brands, features, functions, and capabilities before making an informed decision regarding the type of security equipment and setup that is best for you and your family.  Purchase communicators, drivers, and suppressors when you choose to install your own security system from the ground up without the assistance and protection of an official security company. When you choose to build your own home security system, you have more flexibility with product choices but less protection regarding safety and potential break-ins or alerts.

Why Protect America?

Protect America is a leader in home security today as it provides customers with solutions that are affordable, reliable, and updated with the latest security technology. With Protect America, work with one of our professional representatives to build your home’s security system to fit any type of security system you envision for you and your family. Choose individual security cameras, motion detectors, and even window sensors to work with your home’s unique layout and to ensure you are capable of monitoring specific areas both indoors and outside of your home.

Choosing to work with Protect America is highly recommended if you prefer to learn more about the process of securing a home while also having complete and total control over the type of products and solutions you choose to implement throughout any sized house. Avoid costly contractual agreements and fees with Protect America and instead, opt to install the equipment you receive yourself in less than an hour (with a phone walkthrough), preventing you from overspending on security.

With a company such as Protect America, worry less about the safety and protection of your household and family as you are able to receive immediate alerts of any breaches, break-ins, or alarm triggers. Feel safe whether you are in your home or traveling out of the country when you have a monitoring service such as Protect America by your side.

Interested in an affordable, yet robust home security system for you and your family? Contact Protect America to learn more about various security system options we have available and to get your free quote today.