EMC Security is a home security company that focuses on providing monitoring for existing security systems. They also provide a variety of devices including motion detectors, panic buttons, door and window sensors, wireless and cellular backups, burglar alarm panels as well as a central monitoring station. EMC products are good quality, but not the best. EMC Security is an affordable option for those who wish to utilize existing equipment without another monitoring contract. However, EMC only services customers in Georgia. Home security is important, so consider the companies with less limitations and more customizability!


What’s the Catch?

EMC’s primary focus is on providing a monitoring plan, rather than the systems themselves. Customers must purchase the security system of their choice, which EMC will provide the monitoring services for separately or you can purchase a system from EMC. In addition to security systems, EMC can provide the equipment for remote access and management of security systems, but generally you’ll want to already to own some equipment before considering them as an option.

Warranty Information

When you purchase equipment from a manufacturer, or complete a contract where you end up owning the equipment, it is important to consider the warranty on the devices you own. At Protect America, you are provided free equipment with purchase of a monthly monitoring plan. At the end of your plan, you’ll be able to take the equipment with you anywhere with any provider. Additionally, Protect America guarantees a lifetime warranty throughout your experience with us!

EMC Security uses Honeywell home security equipment, which comes with a warranty of 2 years or less. EMC does not offer a standard package, and customers must purchase the home security equipment. EMC generally services homes with existing security systems, which is why they are able to advertise their agreement with no up-front costs. This is also the reason they promote no contracts, because you will have to purchase an entire system before starting an agreement with EMC…and that will most likely cost you a lot.

Equipment and Additional Costs

EMC gives customers the option of purchasing or renting the communications box needed to connect with the central monitoring system. The customer may rent the box for a $7 a month in addition to the $17 a month for monitoring. The box must be returned to the company upon cancellation. When a customer cancels the service without returning the box, the customer will be charged for the cost of the communications box. If the customer purchases the box there is no additional monthly fee and no concern over returning the box in the event of a cancellation. If the box is promptly returned upon cancellation, no additional fees are incurred. However, many customers feel this is not clearly communicated to them, just as the prices of products aren’t clearly communicated on the website. A recent customer wrote this review to explain the confusion:

I got their service last year when I moved to Atlanta only to find out that when you move you need to pay to have the box taken out a whopping $75 per hour. They didn’t know how long it could take. Same thing with moving into the new place to change the unit thats in there an use my equipment I paid almost $200 for.


Customers have complained mostly about EMC’s slow response time in the event of an emergency. This type of overarching issue is a major problem. Monitored home security is supposed to save you time in dispatching a responder when the alarm sounds. This customer was upset with this particular aspect of EMC’s service:

EMC Security is very slow at responding when the alarm goes off. It makes no sense having a security monitoring service that isn’t prompt on emergency alarms.

And this customer had a similar experience:

I had EMC for years and 3 different times my alarm went off. We never got a call from this company. I was starting to think this place was a place that installed, but did not monitor.


The Solution

Getting the right security services helps in deterring intruders. Therefore, before settling for a specific company, it’s crucial to consider factors such as warranty and installation services. An established company is more likely to give dependable services. Protect America has over 22 years of service with customers all over the nation. Remember, an alarm and monitoring system reduces your chances of falling victim to break-ins by 300%. It’s always easier for an intruder to break into a house with no alarm. Thus, if you wish to obtain a good security system, its best to settle on a company you can trust with the safety of your home and family. With free equipment, lifetime warranties, locked-in rates and a wealth of experience, your best alternative is waiting.