Did you know that homes that do not have a security system installed are 300% more likely to become targets of burglars and vandals?

With more than 1.5 million burglaries annually occurring in the US, it is not entirely surprising that the home security market and industry is continuing to boom. If you are looking for your own home alarm system, there are a few factors to keep in mind before making a decision and signing on for years with a new monitoring provider. EMC Security is a popular home security company that currently services the Atlanta, Georgia area. When you are considering EMC Security, there are a few details to note to get a better understanding of the services offered and what you are required to pay for each month.


EMC Security Features and Services

EMC is still able to provide a fully comprehensive system, complete with all three types of monitoring (landline, broadband, and cellular), home automation features such as lighting, climate, and door-lock control, video monitoring, and medical alerts. Through EMC’s mobile app, users can control these features and view video streams remotely at their convenience.

Limited Availability

For those who are seeking a new home security company and are not in the Atlanta, Georgia area, getting service from EMC Security is not possible. Currently, EMC Security only provides home security and monitoring services to those who live in and around the city of Atlanta.

Affordable Rates and No Standard Installation Fee

EMC Security offers some of the most affordable rates on the market, at approximately $16.95 a month once your system has been installed and activated. Additionally, there are no standard installation fees required for new customers.

Upfront Costs and Potential Installation Fees

And while EMC customers don’t need to worry about activation or installation costs upfront, they will need to pay for their equipment at the time of installation. Depending on the system requirements for their homes, EMC customers may pay high installation fees (depending on the size and layout of your home along with the type of security package you have selected).


No Contractual Agreement

One of the best features of EMC Security is the ability to obtain service from the company without having a written contractual agreement in place. Without a long-term contract, customers are free to upgrade and switch or cancel services whenever they see fit. If you are not interested in long-term commitment and want to install your home security as quickly as possible in Atlanta, Georgia, EMC Security provides.

While EMC Security offers affordable protection, it is unfortunately limited to the Atlanta, Georgia region. Additionally, with potential hidden costs of installation and equipment, it is not possible to determine the overall investment required when choosing EMC Security as your sole home protection provider. For a thorough and comprehensive quote on a top-notch home alarm system, visit ProtectAmerica.com today. Protect America has all of the home security and monitoring equipment necessary to ensure you and your family are kept safe at all times.